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  • Posted to Does anyone have experience, good or bad, buying Refurbished Apple products?, in reply to Manny Larios , Mar 26, 2019

    Thanks Manny, that is good to know. Always interesting to get the story from the inside!

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  • Posted to Does anyone have experience, good or bad, buying Refurbished Apple products?, Mar 25, 2019

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I don't see anyone reporting any negative experiences so that is good to hear! Thanks again.

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  • Posted to Are old versions of Adobe Creative Suite - still usable?, Nov 11, 2018

    I have since googled around for an answer to my question and it seems for Mac it is a hard no (64bit vs 32bit apps and all), for PC its a "maybe" at best - mileage will vary on Win 10. If anyone has any actual positive experience getting older versions running on modern OS, I'd be curious to hear from you.

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  • Posted to Apple pricing...., in reply to Ktrn Dsrs , Sep 13, 2018

    I wasn't commenting on the Apple/Window's debate - rather that cell phones are now becoming the cost of a good laptop.

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  • Posted to Apple pricing...., in reply to Ryan Rushing , Sep 13, 2018

    I get it. I was just thinking about how nonchalant some people are with their phones - how many get left in bars and taxis, dropped onto concrete or in toilets - how easily lost or stolen these super expensive devices are.

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  • Posted to Monitor advice...1 27" 4K vs 2 24" non-4k?, in reply to Ana Popovic , Aug 11, 2018

    Hi Ana. I have been happy with them, yes.

    The monitors were larger than I imagined in terms of the footprint on my desk. One thing I struggled with at the beginning was, how to place them side by side. Ideally, three would be better so you have one monitor perpendicular to you and the other two on slight angles. In the end I did something like that but with only the two.

    One thing I really like was that I was able to use some Velcro tape and attach a bunch of external drives to the back of one on the monitors (3 in total). This cleared up a lot of desk space clutter.

    I did notice a very minor build quality issue where the two monitors appeared to be from different production runs, so they didn't line up 100% perfect horizontally - but it is only off by a few millimetres.

    Overall though, I'm very happy with my decision and I would probably do it again.

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  • Posted to Monitor advice...1 27" 4K vs 2 24" non-4k?, in reply to Alex Curtis , Aug 14, 2017

    I couldn't agree more Alex. Although I'm right behind you with the 27" vs 24" - I just don't have the desk space to accommodate that much screen. Plus I really like the 16:10 ratio when working so in the end, I opted for two Dell U2415's

    They should be here by next week, I'll follow up with how it works out just in case anyone else finds themselves asking a similar question.

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  • Posted to Monitor advice...1 27" 4K vs 2 24" non-4k?, Aug 14, 2017

    Hey thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. Some good advice all around.

    It seems that everything is headed in the 4/5K direction and that probably makes the most sense being forwarding thinking. That said, given my current hardware situation, my gut is telling me go with the two screens for more desktop that is easier to manage between applications - as per Renee's suggestions below.

    Also, I'm currently working on a 16:10 monitor and although not a massive difference, I do miss that little extra vertical space when I'm working on a 16:9.

    Thanks again!

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  • Posted to What is the best display alternative to the discontinued apple thunderbolt display? , Nov 11, 2016

    This may be a completely stupid question but it is something I've been wondering about. Are there gotcha's or things to consider as a web designer moving up to a 4K or 5K monitor? Will that 50px x 100px button I need to design be a tiny smudge in Photoshop?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Would anyone be interested in a Video Course for Kirby CMS?, May 31, 2016

    It has been my experience that there is very little good video tutorials out there for any of the non-Wordpress CMS's. So any additions I'm sure would be very well received by the community.

    My personal opinion is that a tutorial about taking a static site with the basic design patterns: a hero rotator, a product/product hub relationship a simple blog - would would cover the requirements of 90% of the client sites freelance developers are asked to build.

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