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  • Posted to New year, new CSS-Tricks redesign – 2019, Jan 04, 2019

    The sorting dropdown is pretty cheeky. Great little touch. screenshot imgur link

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  • Posted to Designers & age, in reply to Ken Em , Nov 27, 2017

    @Ken M - You've mentioned a few things that are deterrents and negative aspects of our industry. In the last 30 years of being a designer, what has motivated you to continue on in this field? Has it been the work? the people? the process?

    I'm curious to know your motivation, as I'm sure others are as well, so that I might be able to make that decision on whether or not to continue in this career. Everything that sparkled in the past looks dull now in comparison.


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  • Posted to iMac Pro, Jun 06, 2017

    So much copy!

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  • Posted to Atlassian Design, in reply to Evan Samek , May 05, 2017 Check out this video!

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  • Posted to Amazon Chime - Frustration-free video calls. Amazon's Skype competitor., Feb 15, 2017

    How corporate looking...

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  • Posted to Coming to grips with the fact that I am no longer a Visual Designer., in reply to Nick Dominguez , Aug 11, 2016

    For my own curiosity, what are these skills that designers have that translate well to other industries? A few off the top of my mind is the ability to (quickly) generate ideas, problem solving, ability to track to a due date. My list is not exhaustive by any means.

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  • Posted to Google Chrome top bar update, Aug 01, 2016

    I think the chrome of the browser window goes away and I can focus on content better. So in that regard, I think that's a huge win!

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  • Posted to New Instagram "Direct Message" Icon, Jun 17, 2016

    Looks like it's just platform specific A/B testing. Just checked my iOS device and didn't see this, must be Android only right now. I like this iconography better than the "reply" button, that never truly made sense to me. I'm sending this to somebody else not replying back to the original poster.

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