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Nelson Abalos Jr

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  • Posted to What has been your experience with WebFlow?, in reply to Aubrey Johnson , Nov 12, 2018

    thanks for watching my video tutorial! :) Glad it helped you realize the power within you (and Webflow).

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  • Posted to What is your favorite prototyping tool?, Oct 31, 2018

    i may be biased when I say this but... Webflow ;)

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  • Posted to Design Tools: When do we get stateful components?, Sep 24, 2018

    With Webflow interactions and animations, you don't just prototype, you are actually making real code without coding.

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  • Posted to iPhone Xs Website, in reply to James Young , Sep 14, 2018

    parallax or scrolling effects is not equal to scrolljacking.

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  • Posted to Grid is coming to Webflow - Live sneak preview on 9/18, Sep 13, 2018

    Grid in Webflow unlocks powerful layout controls that enable you to create unique, responsive web experiences. Grid in Webflow is the first production-level visual UI for building with CSS grid, and it unlocks a new set of layouts that were not possible — or were very difficult and painful to achieve — with flexbox, columns, floats, and other existing options. Grid in Webflow also introduces direct on-canvas manipulation, which allows you to work directly with the grid you’re building.

    In this workshop, we’ll be joined by Product Manager, Linda Pham. Linda has been leading the Grid project and will be giving a demo on how it works.

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  • Posted to Apple pricing...., Sep 12, 2018

    if people buy it, the price will just go higher.

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