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Lucas Reif

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are your favorite pens/markers for sketches?, May 19, 2015

    Honestly, it's all about the Sakura Microns.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What music do you listen do while designing?, Feb 22, 2015

    Todd Terje is a favorite of mine at the moment.

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  • Posted to Your desktop: a mess or not a mess?, in reply to ポール ウェッブ , Jun 19, 2014

    Yup! Here's a folder of that wallpaper and some other ones I love:

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is your go-to to-do app?, May 14, 2014

    I know this answer comes up regularly as well, but Wunderlist is really awesome. It's easy to use, syncs across all my devices, and has social integration through Facebook and Google.

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  • Posted to Your desktop: a mess or not a mess?, May 14, 2014

    Definitely keep my desktop clean. So much easier to stay productive that way.

    Here's a screenshot:

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Design Music, Apr 26, 2014

    I don't really listen to anything specific for designing, just whatever I'm really into at the moment. Right now that happens to include a lot of St. Vincent, Mac DeMarco, Real Estate, Future Islands, and The War On Drugs.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where are you based?, Apr 23, 2014

    Seattle, WA

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  • Posted to Another Wikipedia Redesign, Apr 16, 2014

    Visually, these new redesigns are really great. From a UI standpoint they're doing a lot right. Unfortunately the problem that they keep running into is the site's functionality.

    Wikipedia is all about the information. People use it because it's simple and content-driven. Many of these redesigns, and this one in particular, seem to focus more on aesthetic and modern design trends than the information itself.

    By embedding Article clips, Tweets, Quotes, Flickr and Instagram Photos, Youtube videos and Podcasts each article would be much more media rich, up to date and wouldn’t have an outdated encyclopaedic look.

    Embedding social media links and videos within the article would only distract from the article. For a site like Wikipedia, they're totally unnecessary.

    Personally, I much prefer 1910's Wikipedia redesign. It's simple and content-driven, uses a clean grid system, and has a minimal aesthetic.

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  • Posted to Do you include your "signature" within your client's websites?, Apr 12, 2014

    No. It devalues your work and the client's brand. Perhaps try something more subtle like a note in the markup.

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