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Nick Herasimenka

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  • Posted to Invision bought Trunk and closes it, Feb 12, 2019

    What is Trunk?

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  • Posted to What do you use to create animated gifs for Dribbble?, Jan 09, 2018
    1. AE Render
    2. PS 800x600 Composition > Render Video
    3. GIF Brewery 3 for Mac > 64 - 128 colors
    4. ImageOptim for Mac (makes a .gif around 30% smaller)
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  • Posted to InVision V7 | Updates for 2018, in reply to Moritz v. V. , Dec 13, 2017

    I think InVision must be the most deliverable company in our industry. So I'd be calm on this count.

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  • Posted to The Portfolio of Nathan Riley, Nov 16, 2017

    Really cool and straightforward. The scrolling inside that browser frame is a bit awkward tbh. Everything else is neat!

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, Oct 03, 2017

    I think Dropbox forgot that they're a file sharing system, not a fancy streetwear clothing brand.

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, in reply to David Hariri , Oct 03, 2017

    They have one product and like 50 designers. You gotta keep those people busy.

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  • Posted to The New YouTube, May 04, 2017

    It feels like I'm watching porn now in the dark mode.

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  • Posted to Portfolio Update - Nick Herasimenka, in reply to Raffaello Sanzio , Apr 18, 2017

    Thank you, Raffaello! You're right I'll take a look into this.

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  • Posted to Portfolio Update - Nick Herasimenka, in reply to James Young , Apr 18, 2017

    Hey James, thank you for the feedback. I worked with Adidas and Google full-time as a consultant. So no those are not some tiny freelance projects where you draw an icon (I did that as well). These projects are regularly internal systems, not consumer-facing websites. I won't surprise you, these companies have pretty strict NDA policies, which won't let you put any project details on your personal website.

    The reason I put these names first is cause it's a major selling point for the freelance work I do. I usually give verbal project description to the clients if interested.

    I'll think how to reorganize this to make it look less corny though. Thank you!

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  • Posted to Spotify Testing Redesign, in reply to Owen McFadzen , Apr 11, 2017

    Waiting or this since day one

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