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  • Posted to I am thinking about going from Sketch to Figma.. Any inputs about that?, Jun 20, 2018

    I've been using figma for quite a while now. Being windows bound due to company policies I never used sketch extensively so my experience is just from figma itself. all in all the comments are pretty spot on, but beware of overrides and nesting for complex systems. Try them out well first if you have a need.

    We currently have our styleguide and nuclear components which we build into patterns (in another file) and templates. Inheritance is sometimes an issue to manage and we frequently have some issues when copying screens to new files where some components will copy fine while others will revert to frames.

    I'm not entirely sure if some are to having moved master components around and duplicating and reorganizing files (due to having upgraded from a single file project to a paid library).

    This is also the one part that bothers me the most where you can't easily reorganize components through files, which is critical when working on large projects.

    As for other tools: - Xd is shaping up really nicely, but my tryouts with the components always felt really weird. - Studio is very young and I don't really see it being anything close to competitive in the next 6 to 12 months. - Phase hits all the right notes in the presentation and discussions so I'm really keen on trying it out. - Subform is an excelent choice for some projects especially if you work closely with dev as it is built from the ground up with an api to create adapters to export to any language. You can also use it's engine directly on the web instead o html canvas for example. - Framer is great for microinteractions, and designers working more closely on the frontend, ui & motion. But typically a cog in the chain not a standalone option.

    Not to forget the dinossaurs: - Photoshop is dead for general Ui/Ux design. Might still be an option for creating some assets but clearly no your main tool. - Illustrator is losing ground, used to be my main for everything digital based, but only open it for vector illustration nowadays. - Affinity Designer is quite good, has some component capabilities but not a key point, I don't see them stepping up here as well, dev team is also probably quite stretched in all their different endeavours.

    Make sure to understand well your needs and which tool will solve it better. Always keep an open mind and be ready to switch if any tool evolves to solve your problems better. That's always my approach.

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  • Posted to What was your first design tool? This one was mine., Jun 10, 2018

    Mine was Corel Draw 3, released way back in '92. I was 13 yrs old.

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma 2.0, Jul 28, 2017

    I was very happily surprised to fire up Figma and discover I can now prototype :D. So long my Invision friend :P... But only for the very simple stuff so far. I'd love to see the ability to have fixed areas (top menu, bottom menu, sidebar, etc.). So I can make my long pages of content and still have a menu at hand. Also the ability to trigger the visibility of an element (maybe some of it's children too!). These two features would cover a large number of use cases for prototyping. I do agree that for animation will will be best served elsewhere.

    As for collaboration, building on a previous comment, I would love to see a way to mark or name a specific history view and share that one. This allows me to share with clients while I keep working and not worry about breaking stuff. ATM I just copy the file and send that one for review. It works, although I then have a bit more trouble to manage comments. It's not quite final1a, final 1axys, but rather client review/date... Also would it be possible to have links for clients that to not require having to register?

    I'm always eager to know what the figma updates bring up and do frequently visit site just for that, so maybe there's a fair number of people that would love to get a small notification in app on the new goodies ;)

    A big thanks to the entire team for the great tool.

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, Apr 06, 2017

    Just putting it out there ;)... Go for tablet support so I can put my big ipad pro to some serious use. Don't go around thinking you can get away with the half-assed, partly functional, 1.5 amazing build you have now!

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, in reply to Dylan Field , Apr 06, 2017

    Yes I know! It seems awesome, but leaves us windows users in a pinch. I know I can use framer.js and atom or whatever, but there's a lot of goodies lost in the process.

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, Apr 06, 2017

    I know I probably won't get an answer :D but is there anything in the horizon in the realm of either facilitating the prototyping workflow or adding those capabilities to Figma?

    Examples: - Dropbox export sync; - Invision, marvel, ...: direct import/sync - Embedded prototyping tools.

    Oh the possibilities ;)

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, in reply to Dylan Field , Apr 06, 2017

    Maybe it would be good to revisit some personas and user journeys to account for a wide variety of use cases.

    A nice way to get feedback without going overboard and adding a comment button for everyone. Would be something akin to microsoft's insider program. Where users can opt in and provide ongoing feedback to the product.

    EDIT: Just re-saw... that the feedback button is there already! Ahahah. I even used it once, 32w ago :D.

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, Apr 06, 2017

    Maybe a little off topic. But I have a few issues with the current team libraries. For agency work where we will create new styles and components for each project. Sometimes more than one. Having all our components in a global team library is very constraining.

    What I'd really need is either global (team) libraries, for example for wireframe tools, and project libraries. Otherwise as we grow in projects it quickly becomes unmanageable.

    some categorization and view modes for the libraries will also help a lot.

    It would also be excellent to be able to import libraries. This would provide an amazing way to share reuseable assets. Either internal, external or from commercial outlets.

    I also see a clear possibility to include a store inside figma, adobe is doing this in a somewhat clunky way. But it should always support importing your libs.

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, in reply to Michael Cook , Apr 06, 2017

    Yes but the free tier allows a team of two people. Does that mean that if I have a team account I cannot be invited to another free account for collaboration?

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, in reply to Dylan Field , Apr 06, 2017

    So in theory i could setup several free teams and have unlimited projects :P

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