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  • Posted to A first look at Unreal Engine 5, in reply to David Barker , May 15, 2020

    Digital Foundry does excellent analyses of videos and game tech like this:

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  • Posted to Figma + Zeroheight is amazing. Are there downsides?, in reply to Jeff T , Mar 16, 2020

    This is not going to happen anytime soon. Clean HTML and SVG for the web is usually quite different than what is automatically generated by tools like Figma/Sketch/etc.

    I can't edit my web ready UI icon SVGs in Figma or Illustrator because it ruins all my class names and carefully cleaned up code.

    Figma has no concept of real HTML or CSS, it is just absolutely positioned rectangles. You can't provide clean handoff to devs without essentially rewriting the code in Zeroheight to clarify what classnames or React components or what-have-you correlate with a component in Figma. There isn't even a good way to sync up color variables between Figma design tokens and a web design token JSON or SCSS variables.

    Zeroheight is a great tool, but until we switch from Figma/Sketch to tools actually built on HTML/CSS you won't see this magical two-way syncing ever work cleanly (and without infuriating developers).

    For example Figma has no single-direction borders. To translate a box-shadow or manually added horizontal line in Figma to the correct CSS for your code design system you have to write it manually because there is no way to know that is what was intended automatically if Figma isn't actually using border property CSS.

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  • Posted to How do you organize your Figma files?, Mar 03, 2020

    I have a file.

    My dev team has finally convinced me to have files.

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  • Posted to 2046lab, Feb 28, 2020

    Some cool objects, but the copy is just...a bit much.

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  • Posted to 3&7 Website, in reply to Dan G , Feb 06, 2020

    This just strikes me as you not understanding what he meant, which is partially his fault for not being clear but not deserving of this level of drama.

    For the "brutalist" aesthetic used on the site there ARE expected aesthetic things and this site meets many of them. Expectations are not just functional ones.

    He said nothing about affordances?

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  • Posted to 3&7 Website, in reply to Dan G , Feb 06, 2020

    It really isn't, and if you think so you haven't read much of the awful shit people say on here.

    There is nothing wrong with a simple comment that you don't like something. Is it constructive criticism? No. Does every critique need to be? No.

    It is so hard to get honest feedback on design work these days. What's so bad about someone honestly saying "Eh this isn't really for me"?

    They specifically said "personally" and this is a style that many people do love and it follows that style fairly consistently.

    What is the issue?

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  • Posted to Knewz, in reply to Corin Edwards , Jan 31, 2020

    Yes but this news is funded and backed by the people who are funding and backing what's going to kill us all.

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  • Posted to Fibery - yet another collaborative tool, Nov 27, 2019

    Hahaha I love this.

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  • Posted to DesignerNews is almost dead, in reply to Darren Krape , Oct 07, 2019

    I'm enjoying the Design Social Club slack channel: Slack Invite Link

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  • Posted to Juicy Mail - a brand new type of email experience , Sep 30, 2019

    Please, please, please learn from Google Inbox. So many new email clients come out claiming to be a new way to do email, and in the end they are almost all identical in general layout (three columns!) and features.

    Google Inbox actually refined the email management experience, it didn't just add a million ways to view and search stuff. For example when I pinned/starred items and then archived the grouping they were in, only the non-pinned items got archived. Of course Gmail did not implement this when Inbox shut down and now Gmail is a shitshow.

    Another one is grouping items by date instead of just having this impenetrable infinite list. It was nice being able to scan everything I got in the last week and archive it quickly, it narrowed down the cognitive load of what I had to look at before making the decision to pin, archive, reply, etc.

    It continues to boggle my mind that company after company fail at actually improving email when Google Inbox had it right for years already (and were not just targeting business users!).

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