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  • Posted to React is for Designers, Aug 29, 2018

    Have you looked at Vue?

    I'd designed/built maybe 5-6 apps in React/Redux before my friend insisted I take a day to look at Vue. I did, and never looked back! They're very similar, but for me, the Vue templating syntax is a lot cleaner and readable, and I also feel it's more concise than React. I do think it's because Vue adds a lot more "magic" in the background though, which a lot of people don't like.

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  • Posted to New website for No Name, Apr 20, 2018

    my Canadian friend says growing up, she thought you either bought a brand or a "no name" brand and just looked for the yellow lol. Only in adulthood did she realize it was yet another brand

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  • Posted to New website for No Name, in reply to Dominic Huysmans , Apr 20, 2018

    lol the favicon should just be a yellow square I guess?

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  • Posted to DesignerNews closed my account without explanation, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Apr 20, 2018

    some sites have a "soft ban" that I think is really useful— if someone engages in trolling or becomes heated, they get muted for a week or something. If that activity continues, then they get perma-banned

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  • Posted to DesignerNews closed my account without explanation, in reply to John Jackson , Apr 20, 2018

    While speed limits are clearly stated, there is "We realize there is a bit of gray area regarding both appropriate and beneficial content" — it'd be nice to know if when we've stepped over the line, since that gray area isn't completely spelled out

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  • Posted to Our local culture newspaper got redesigned... brutally. Thoughts?, in reply to Brian Hinton , Apr 18, 2018

    nope, I'm in the Atlanta area! I guess Creative Loafing is all over? It seems weird you can't access any of their other city guides...

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  • Posted to Our local culture newspaper got redesigned... brutally. Thoughts?, Apr 17, 2018

    I love how the search bar looks (and how it completely lacks affordance).

    I also love how hovering over each article replaces the title with the lede image, but because you have to scroll to read it, whatever title you wanted to read gets immediately replaced by the lede.

    Also, the responsive code on the articles is broken. Brutal yo!

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  • Posted to 3 Underrated Fundamentals of UX, Apr 17, 2018

    "The magic of misdirection is Instagram’s secret for multistep interactions—like uploading a photo. When the user has finished editing an image, the upload begins immediately. By drawing attention to the captioning and geotagging, the photo has time to upload"

    Isn't there an element of consent when someone clicks "upload" or "Send"? That you're monitoring for information before they're giving consent feels rather unethical. If users decide "oh wait, maybe I shouldn't upload this after all" on the last screen, this image is now already residing on Facebook's servers (reminder: FB owns Insta) forever.

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  • Posted to Who actually uses atomic design?, Apr 17, 2018

    I kind of do. But it's because I'm a single design/dev who needs a ton of reusability. Eventually I ended up rolling my bits and pieces into a "framework" of sorts and threw it on npm, mostly for myself, since I needed a simple way to distribute the latest version to all my projects.

    I don't call it atoms or molecules or organisms though, I dubbed my system 'coeur' and call the pieces heart/head/neck/torso but it follows a similar principle.

    It's clearly not meant or designed for widespread use (not well-documented, buggy and probably missing features), but you can use it if you want: https://janzheng.com/stylecoeur/styleguide.html

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  • Posted to What I really want from a design tool: stateful components, in reply to Matt C , Mar 26, 2018

    haha I forgot about Axure. They're so expensive though, but that's where I got my start as a UX person. Is their product still relevant for startups and freelancers w/ a tight budget?

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