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  • Posted to Figma now has Overlays, Dec 03, 2018

    this could not have come at a better time. well thought out and easy to use. keep up the quality work.

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  • Posted to Figma's new Smart Selection feature makes arranging and adjusting selections much faster, Oct 11, 2018

    simple implementation of a useful feature. whats not to love.

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  • Posted to How do designers collaborate with copywriters?, Oct 05, 2018

    Obviously every case is different, but in our team we use Figma and share full comps with the writers. They can drop their copy right in a design.

    there are draw-backs though. We still need to have a copy doc for governance and localization, so we haven't removed the need for Word. but seeing Copy in context of a design is fantastic for design reviews.

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  • Posted to I miss ffffound, Sep 18, 2018


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  • Posted to React course focused on Framer X?, Jul 12, 2018

    I attended one of their meetups and got to see a sneak peek at the new Framer X. while im sure a lot is in flux, knowing React could be useful. that being said I would caution producing anything until you see how they're using React, I think you'll be very surprised, i know i was.

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  • Posted to Native Sketch Dark Mode Confirmed, Jun 05, 2018

    So all this time, they've not been able to implement a dark mode because of OSX? That's either crazy, or lazy. It begs the question, what else cant they do because of their deep roots to OSX.

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  • Posted to InVision Studio App Maker Program, in reply to Andy Stone , May 24, 2018

    You're totally right. The desktop is here to stay for a while. I just hope its not design that holds back the digital evolution because our tools are the problem.

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  • Posted to InVision Studio App Maker Program, May 24, 2018

    Studio has pretty much all the features I can think we'd use and more! But its still pretty slow and breaks down with just a few simple screens. Im sure in time it'll get faster, but its still Figma for us.

    I love that windows is being considered, but I still wonder what the master plan is here. Are these tools just racing to cover adobe's lost real estate of the desktop? that doesn't seem like a long term strategy. What if Apple shakes the earth and makes the desktop irrelevant. or if VR/AR start taking off, will 3D be the new screen design.

    Currently, web tools excite our team, because of the limitless access. I have so many more important things to do than install software, keep it up to date, worry about it breaking my work. With every plugin we use, we increase our dependency on another 3rd party, if support stops or the Application pivots our workflow is disturbed.

    Studio is exciting, and more competition is always good for consumers. I just hope that the game that tools companies are playing is sustainable.

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  • Posted to Sketch artboard actual size, May 20, 2018

    make sure you're not exporting at 2X. double check your export settings in the properties panel.

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  • Posted to AMA: All About Text in Adobe XD, in reply to Kyle Galle , Dec 18, 2017

    a little bit of both. I think the root of our problem is that we've already built a LOT of our design systems and style guides in Sketch. we're not opposed to making the change, we just need a way to transfer those easily. Figma has a sketch converter that is really nice. because of its cross-platform capabilities XD has a huge leg up on sketch for the enterprise world (macs are very rare).

    -also personally i REALLY cant use the low contrast artboard background. i would really like to see an option to change that, or just offer a dark UI

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