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  • Posted to Any success at coworking spaces?, May 21, 2019

    I wouldn't get a WeWork office with the expectation that it will get you business through networking opportunities. Granted, it might... but I wouldn't count on it.

    I would get a coworking office for the environment that it provides you. I enjoy coworking spaces because it allows me to work for myself and continue to have that freedom, plus enjoy a little bit of the social aspect of working in an office, which I somewhat miss from my corporate days.

    I find that going to a workplace helps me better focus and not get distracted, like I often do when I am at home. When I show up at the coworking space I tend to be more productive and get more done than the days I stay at home. This is even though I have a dedicated office in my home too. It is easy to get distracted at home with so many small things. When I am at the coworking office, I focus almost entirely on work, and get a lot done.

    I don't go into the office everyday. But probably 3-4 days a week. Again, I find the office space away from my home helps me stay focused on tasks.

    I think coworking spaces are effective for people that work by themselves (or as a small team of <4 people) to offer a traditional work environment, while still working for yourself. But I just wouldn't get it with the expectation that it will bring you business. You might meet a few people at first, but eventually you are seeing the same people over and over, and most of them tend to be software developers and designers anyway who are also freelancers.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD Release May 2019: Design systems, components, and so much more, in reply to Marc Edwards , May 20, 2019

    Some of these requested features just seem strange to me, and I would actually suggest that Adobe XD creators not even waste their time on them.

    Can’t position to anything other than whole pixel increments (no guides at 10.5px, for example).

    Adobe XD is a design/layout tool for screens. That is what makes it different from something like Photoshop or Illustrator. Screens are limited by pixels, so why would you need to create something (especially for positioning or alignment, which is the purpose of guides) that lives in a magical realm of half a pixel? A pixel cannot light up "half-way". It isn't possible. So why would this even exist in the first place? I believe you can do this in Illustrator because this is a vector program, so it is not pixel-based, it is mathematical based and has infinite scalability.

    No way to see or use guides in prototyping mode.

    Why would you want guides in prototyping mode? This is the presentation mode, when you aren't aligning or moving anything around. Why would guides exist in this space? You are prototyping a product, and guides are not part of a product, they are just a tool used to create a product. So it actually makes sense to have guides removed from Prototyping mode.

    Some of these features would be nice to have, like adding guides by typing in a value (this one is important, i would agree), adding guides while zoomed in, copying guides between artboards, etc.. It appears like all these legitemate gripes are in the works.

    Other features you mentioned seemed very niche to me like copying guides between documents. While I could see a few use cases for this, each document is going to be somewhat unique, so I don't really know how this would be implemented in real life. I think the best way to handle this use-case is to duplicate a document and remove the parts you don't want. This would maintain the guides and artboards and would probably make the most sense.

    Most other features mentioned here would be cool to have, but I think it is a far cry from them being considered "crucial" or "unusable" without them. Yes, multiple color guides would be cool, but then again Photoshop doesn't even have that and that program is 25+ years old. Illustrator does have that and it is nice. But I could still easily use Illustrator even if it only had 1 color of guides available.

    I guess the point is, you might be blowing your frustration a bit out of proportion. As someone who uses Adobe XD frequently, very few of these complaints felt justified. And since they all focus around guides, I think there is a lot more to unpack in this program than just the guides. In all my use of Adobe XD, I have only really been bother by the lack of 1 of these features (the ability to create a guide by typing in a value). The other features would be great quality of life improvements to the app (like creating guides while zoomed in), but they don't ruin the app for me. Adobe XD is more than a guide simulator. It has many other redeeming qualities.

    Just because this program doesn't meet your very specific guide-focused expectations doesn't mean that the creators shouldn't be proud of their work. This is a good program, that is continously adding new features and I think they are doing a great job.

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  • Posted to What book are you reading now?, in reply to Maria Margarida Silva , Feb 02, 2019

    I also finished this one about a month ago and it was awesome. I highly recommend it, especially those in the startup space.

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  • Posted to (React, Headless CMS) Why Keen Can't Use WP's Gutenberg Editor Just Yet, Jan 03, 2019

    Interesting post and I think it is very timely. I have tried using WordPress as a headless CMS for some time now. It mostly works.... but when it doesn't, it can be outright frustrating. This is why I have turned pessimistic about Wordpress' future recently.

    I seriously believe the future of the web is in headless CMS'. But the more I work in the space, it is clear that Wordpress needs to be forked and optimized as a true headless CMS before it can be reliably used as one. There are a million different headless CMS products out there right now that I have been testing and have really fallen in love with these products. is a great one for a hosted option, as is DatoCMS. I think that Directus (which I have used on several projects now) is the closest alternative to Wordpress because it is free and self-hosted. I have been testing out Twill ( personally recently because it offers a block-based editor similar to Wordpress' new Gutenberg editor. That project works great headless or as an actual backend (built in laravel) and it also a self-hosted open source alternative.

    These products are built from the ground up to accommodate different data models and to be managed headless. As a developer, I find it to be less stressful and much faster to use these products over trying to make WordPress work for a specific project and add all these bloated plugins. Wordpress is slow compared to what most Headless CMS' offer. And as noted in this article, it is clear that the team building WordPress are not architecting it to work as a Headless CMS.

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  • Posted to Another solution for iPhone X scrolling by embracing the notch., in reply to Andrew Clarke , Sep 19, 2017

    Yeah I can't tell if this is a joke or if he is serious.

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  • Posted to Why so serious, DN?, in reply to Ken Em , Aug 16, 2017

    Yesterday on the news they were interviewing one of the protestors from the Charlottsville protests and the protestor said "Freedom of speech doesn't exist anymore", and I thought to myself, You are sitting here expressing your inaccurate radical opinions to the news media which is getting re-broadcasted all around the country into millions of homes while publicly protesting the same opinions, while being protected by the police (all of whom most likely disagree with your opinions) and you haven't been arrested, thrown in jail or killed yet. If that isn't freedom of speech then I don't know what is.

    He is literally using his free speech to complain that he has no free speech.

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  • Posted to Why so serious, DN?, Aug 16, 2017

    Well for what its worth, I found the post really funny and I copied the image locally and reposted it to my Twitter followers and they got a kick out of it too. It was the source of many retweets and likes/faves/stars/hearts (or whatever they are called this week). Your efforts did not die in vain!

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  • Posted to Monitor advice...1 27" 4K vs 2 24" non-4k?, Aug 14, 2017

    Interesting to see all the different perspectives on here. Personally I would always go dual monitors (even if they are smaller and lower resolution) over a single monitor that is objectively a better monitor.

    For me I can be far more productive with two monitors than one monitor that is high resolution. It is great having your main app open on one screen and supporting apps or documentation, browsers, etc on the other. Allowing you to glance back and forth instead of having to move your cursor and and highlight different windows. The time savings is immense going dual monitors when doing advanced jobs that require you to manage a few things. If you ever get into working with code (i know this is a designer forum, but there are designers who code as well, like me) then the dual monitor setup is the only way to go. Having your browser in one window and your code in the other is just unspeakably easier to use than a single setup. I can work with one monitor (which i do when i go to the coffee shop and use the single monitor from my retina MBP) but I get fatigued from switching back and forth 10 times a minute and eventually go home to work at my desk setup with duals.

    Another thing i would recommend is that most 24 and 27 monitors now are all 1080p and the price different between a 1080p 24" monitor and a 1080p 27" monitor from the same manufacturer and product line is usually only a small increase in price (usually less than $50 per monitor). I would go up to 2 x 27" monitors for a small additional investment and you will love the setup to death.

    4K monitors are a bit overrated in everyday work in my opinion. I have one and its great for gaming, but its not noticeable in my everyday work. When I use the 1080p monitors versus the 4K there isnt much difference in how I work or the pleasure I receive from it. I use an ultrawide 4k monitor for gaming and its awesome. But when I am typing that email to my client or checking my paypal account, it doesn't add a whole lot of value for me.

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