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  • Posted to Freelancer to Design Studio Owner: Here is What I’ve Learned, in reply to James Young , Mar 13, 2017

    The responsibility of employees is definitely a challenge and something that requires a bit of risk-taking. On the flip side, you're providing people with jobs. I think it's best to grow these types of companies organically, and be really conservative when deciding to hire new people.

    It's a much different story when you're a startup that has investors and cash to throw around.

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  • Posted to Freelancers! How often do you invoice clients? , Mar 08, 2017

    I've been using Freshbooks for the past 2 months and I really like it. A nice thing about it is you can accept credit card payments directly on the invoice if you want.

    I recently wrote about the tools I use at my design studio if you're interested: Freelancer to Design Studio Owner: Here is What I’ve Learned

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  • Posted to CSS X-Men, Mar 07, 2017

    I'm so impressed by people who take the time to do things like this.. very cool!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Headshot on my resume? , Mar 06, 2017

    I wouldn't. If they are interested they are going to Google you anyway.. I'm sure your headshot will pop up when they do that.

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