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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?, in reply to Andrew Lee , Mar 30, 2015

    For sure. I'm more of a night owl than a morning person.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?, Mar 30, 2015

    Hi guys! Here is my (mostly) daily schedule:

    • 7:30am Alarm #1 + snoozes
    • 8:00am Wake-up, brush teeth, get dressed, gather belongings, etc.
    • 8:35am Leave apartment and get on the subway
    • 9:00am Arrive at work, eat breakfast, read emails, browse DN, etc.
    • 9:30am Start working (I work for an events company in Manhattan)
    • 1pm Lunch
    • 5:30pm Leave work
    • 6:00pm Get back home, go for a jog (I'm a marathoner)
    • 7:30pm Shower, prepare dinner
    • 8:00pm Eat, usually with my boyfriend unless he's working
    • 8:30pm Watch a show or movie, or play a boardgame (we love Catan!) with my boyfriend. If he is working I will do some cleaning or work on some freelance/personal projects
    • 12am Sleep

    I don't have a family to take care of so my schedule is pretty relaxed. It's great to hear how everyone is able to balance their work and personal lives!

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  • Posted to It's OK not to use tools, May 21, 2014

    I could not agree more with this article. Things can get so complicated and overwhelming sometimes. If something simple is the best solution, why fight it?

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  • Posted to What tool do you use to capture an interaction you find online ?, in reply to Rick Calder , May 20, 2014

    A classic! I use it all the time to showcase animated gifs on my portfolio.

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  • Posted to Best Sketchbook for web & app designs, May 14, 2014

    I've been using this one since their kickstarter campaign. I'm in love.

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  • Posted to Creating a website for young designers, May 07, 2014

    I love the idea! E-mailed!


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  • Posted to I want to follow you on Twitter!, Mar 14, 2014

    Hi! I'm @lauresaurus_rex

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