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  • Posted to How do you find candidates for user testing?, Apr 01, 2019

    My buddies built User Interviews to handle this problem so give them a try

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  • Posted to Need some advice: UX user research with Doctors, Oct 09, 2018

    Email me at the email address in my profile I have a good friend who is a doctor who is now a physician consultant. He'd be happy to help, those kinds of doctors who aren't in hospitals can help in this regard.

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  • Posted to Redesigned my portfolio, feedback appreciated., Jul 18, 2018

    Really nice! One nit-pick: it should be Clients and not Client's

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  • Posted to WCAG AA Compliance and Card Patterns, in reply to Alex Carpenter , Jun 08, 2018

    dang beat me to it! was going to post that

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  • Posted to What does your portfolio look like? (Personal site or PDF), May 25, 2018

    A 40-50 page portfolio will never be read. Sorry to say. You need to prune that significantly.

    I take a three-prong approach to my online presence:

    All serve there own purpose, but are straightforward and pretty quick/easy to read

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  • Posted to Site Design: Minimal Hacker News, Aug 18, 2016

    I don't get why people try to re-invent the wheel that is HN time and time again. It's already a minimal site, and this, if anything, is a lot more than HN because it has loading spinners so there's a bit more advanced JavaScript going on and it doesn't load nearly as fast as the original HN site does.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Style Guides -- How are you using them?, Oct 19, 2015

    Ours is used for our product and development teams to help them create the components we use on the website. Marketing and sales also benefit because they have complete access to our branding guidelines for physical marketing materials, as well as non-devs who need to dabble in HTML for a one-off landing page or digital marketing material. I would highly recommend it to any organization that has a robust set of components for their brand.

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  • Posted to What is a principle designer?, Sep 28, 2015

    A job you shouldn't apply for because they spelled "Principal" wrong.

    Principal anything are generally only at larger companies/agencies, and represent the highest-level individual contributors to a firm. They are the most senior (6-10+ yrs experience) and either lead to architect roles or management.

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  • Posted to New Texting and Driving iOS Interaction Model, Sep 22, 2015

    This is a great step in the right direction for making driving safer with mobile devices. However there is one serious flaw in their reasoning - they asserted that 90% of cars have Bluetooth devices in them. That is a gross misinterpretation of the title of the article that they linked to - that said 90% of new cars will have Bluetooth capabilities in 2016. So realistically, you're looking at far less than 90% of cars could implement this strategy immediately, which severely limits the efficacy of Bluetooth-enabled "Car Mode."

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