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  • Posted to Freebie: Brutalism web design templates, Jul 10, 2019

    They are great templates but none of those actual brutalist design per se

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  • Posted to Marvel runs own User Testing feature , Feb 25, 2019

    I love how Marvel, instead of trying to compete mile by mile with Invision, they're are improving their main job-to-be-done, with user testing, handoff and so on.

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  • Posted to What does success as Head of Design look like?, Nov 21, 2018

    Defining outcomes and measuring how we're impacting them. What's the desirable outcome for that feature? How metrics define that outcome?

    Aside from this, the team's culture, hiring, managing an understandable design system and so on

    btw, I really love the defiant tone of Names & Faces. I don't know if you are in charge of branding as well, but keep going :)

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  • Posted to iPad Pro Design Tools, Oct 31, 2018

    Is there any replacement for Sketch yet? I heard about Affinity's take on UI/UX, but is that good?

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  • Posted to New Sketch + Invision Competitor - Phase, Sep 12, 2018

    hm it's interesting, but why should I change from my current stack to Phase? I mean, what's so particularly good that makes this solution 10x better, Brian?

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  • Posted to Tracy: From Paper to Vector, Dec 11, 2017


    I've been using Cocoapotrace since ever. I'll take a look

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  • Posted to Setting team OKRs for Creative Team?, Sep 22, 2017

    Probably you are struggling with metrics, I'm right? Few tips: - Quantitative metrics are NOT mandatory You can define an objective and the key results could be to complete a project. A binary metric. - OKR is more an Alignment framework than a Metrics Dashboard. Use it with this concept in mind. - If you culture is completely data-driven, you can define different types of metrics, proactive and reactive. Proactive: 10 interviews about the new interface; Reactive: Click Rate improvement on the CTA button. It is healthy to get both as Key-Results

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  • Posted to iPhone X, Sep 12, 2017

    Rounded Corners. Rounded Corners everywhere!

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  • Posted to The State of Design, Aug 28, 2017

    brilliant statement.

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  • Posted to Can you see the 3d effect? *Update:Chromostereopsis*, in reply to Akshay Chauhan , May 23, 2017

    Cool. Tks :)

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