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  • Posted to Should I buy a Mac and switch to Sketch?, Apr 10, 2017

    I have to agree with John about the Mac. I've been a Mac user since the Classic (20years ago?), and I've been extremely disappointed for the past 10 years regarding the Desktop computers. As a matter of fact I just got a new PC way more powerful than the top mac, and way less price.

    Regarding Sketch, I am a user of it almost from the beginning, pretty happy with it but I don't think it should be a reason to switch to mac. There are a bunch of new incredible tools that can compete with Sketch hands down, and are compatible with PC; with advantage that if eventually you work with front end developers (which usually prefer PC)they can have as well that program.

    Check out Gravity Designer, at the moment to me is the best UI, web design tool on the market, and it is free.

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  • Posted to Sketch, Figma or Adobe XD?, Mar 06, 2017

    After been very disappointed when I got my eyes on the first beta version of Xd, today for some reason I came back and i am extremely impressed. I've been a Sketch user for a long time, but have no problem trying to be objective and mostly see what feature of each program help me to make my process faster (including design, share, client feedback, and delivery to developers).

    Please, don't bring the old battle like we still do with PC vs. Mac, where more than arguments you have guts reactions... but I may think about giving Xd a try.

    Important note: My work pays fro CC, so "price" is not a major issue.

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  • Posted to Responsive Flex Grid in Sketch using AutoLayout and Stack Groups!, Feb 22, 2017

    Love the article, and the video helps to understand everything much better. Kudos to Anima Team and you.

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  • Posted to Sketch Wishes, in reply to Jonas S , Feb 20, 2017

    Oh yeah

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  • Posted to Sketch Wishes, in reply to Aaron Sagray , Feb 20, 2017

    Flexible layout similar to flexbox?. Check out the beta version for Auto Layour plug in. They did it, and it looks AWESOME. I've been playing with it for a while; and bugs aside, it may be very powerful. One of my friends wrote and article and created a video showing everything. ONce is live, I will pass it along. But you can always check it out on AutoLayout Facebook page

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  • Posted to Sketch Wishes, Feb 20, 2017

    Oh, how about be able to give folders different colors, so they are easier to identify

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  • Posted to Sketch Wishes, Feb 20, 2017

    Be able to apply different text styles to different parts of a text box, without having to break it up into small pieces.

    Ex: Right now if I wan to apply the Title style to a text box, i select the tile and choose the style. Then if i select the next paragraph to make it bodycopy style, I lose the style I just applied to the title. To avoid this, I need to break the type box into two, one with only the title, and another the bodycopy, so if I make the title bigger, I need to realign the box with the copy to keep a consistent baseline.

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