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Oscar Sánchez

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  • Posted to Live chat needs to evolve, in reply to Rick Lancee , Nov 06, 2015

    Some visitors, of our clients' website, are very surprised by how ease is to establish a call. We are now collecting all metrics and then tell more about the experience of users in our blog :)

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  • Posted to Live chat needs to evolve, in reply to Thomas Rawcliffe , Nov 06, 2015

    Thanks Thomas. I hope you can try the service. Working on fix the issue with Safari.

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  • Posted to SHOW DN: Toky for Business, Nov 04, 2015

    We revamped our site and we made a Call Widget, to turn any website into a communication platform! Any visitor can place a call with just a click.

    Some others features: - Call Forwarding - Global phone numbers - Calls from web and regular phones - User Tracking - Call queues and voicemail| - Call links|

    Let us know what do you think :)

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  • Posted to We talked to the founder of Toky, to find out how he built his startup in Mexico City, in reply to Alfonso Braun , Oct 19, 2015

    Thanks for visiting our site, Alfonso :)

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  • Posted to Toky.co - We are killing phone numbers, in reply to Dan Hough , May 22, 2015

    Thanks for your feedback Dan! You are right, is a completely challenge for us educate our users to star using this new way to communicate with links, however they surprise us already pasted their call-link everywhere :)

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  • Posted to Rdio, Spotify, or Other?, Mar 13, 2015

    Spotify: Why? Music Library, Design, Apps, and Premiun Features

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  • Posted to We are killing phone numbers., in reply to Jake Zien , Dec 23, 2014

    You are absolutely right about the call button. We will replace it for something less colorful and show it only when it's ready to call. Thank you for your feedback and don't forget to subscribe

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  • Posted to We are killing phone numbers., in reply to Clark Wimberly , Dec 23, 2014

    Well, while it is a reality that phones turn phone numbers into clickable links, it isn't true that you just click and call. You at least need some credit to make the call happen.

    Toky tries to replace the need of phone numbers, by simply being able to remember the name of the person or the business. If you want to call facebook I'm sure you don't know their phone number, but I'm sure you will remember https://toky.co/facebook. That the objective.

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  • Posted to We are killing phone numbers., Dec 22, 2014


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