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Kshitij Choudhary

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  • Posted to Introducing Sideway, in reply to Andrew Washuta , Jun 10, 2019

    Hey Andrew, Thanks for this feedback. Really appreciate it :)

    We are thinking about the problem you mentioned, a few solutions that we have in mind are : 1) Private Sharing (Link Based) 2) Even if you share the link to the Landing Page of the product that would allow you to post the work related to the Product. This might not be the best way to solve it. Once the product is out you could add Link to the product on the Shots too. 3) Team accounts. If you are a part of the team that's working on this product you'd be allowed to post shots regarding the said designs.

    Would really like your thought over this, how would you solve it? If you do have any suggestions or want to discuss more on this I am always available on kshitij@looksideway.com

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  • Posted to Introducing Sideway, in reply to Adam Szakal , Jun 10, 2019

    I do agree on that, I definitely think the amazing team at Dribbble are working hard on solving this problem too. We are determined to fix what's broken in the design communities today.

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  • Posted to Introducing Sideway, in reply to Morgan Carter , Jun 10, 2019

    Fixed this, Thanks for the heads up :)

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  • Posted to Introducing Sideway, in reply to Jakub Foglar , Jun 10, 2019

    haha, Really appreciate it :) Looking forward to changing the game.

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  • Posted to Sideway — a community for UI/UX and product designers., May 12, 2019

    Hey DN, This is probably my first post here, I am building a platform for Product Designers and UI/UX Designers to showcase their live work. I will be launching a closed beta on 25th May and would love to onboard people and get feedback as I build this out.

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  • Posted to How are y'all collecting / organizing design pattern inspiration?, Mar 12, 2019

    I personally am a huge fan of Savee — https://savee.it

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