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  • Posted to Design Details in Squarespace's Interface, Jan 29, 2018

    Amazing job on both the builder and the blog post. Loved the way you described how things work with gifs. I also loved how I can read the blog post page by page clicking on j and k.

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  • Posted to Bolt, Jan 24, 2018

    Good domain name. I give them that.

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  • Posted to JotForm 4.0 - Build forms anywhere, anytime, in reply to Brandon Zell , Feb 03, 2017

    We have been testing only the form builders. We usually give people existing forms and ask them to re-create the same form online using the form builder. We have not done any usability tests on the one question per page approach on the forms.

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  • Posted to JotForm 4.0 - Build forms anywhere, anytime, in reply to Micah Carroll , Feb 01, 2017

    We do love Google Spreadsheets. https://www.jotform.com/help/228-How-to-Integrate-Form-with-Google-Spreadsheet

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  • Posted to JotForm 4.0 - Build forms anywhere, anytime, in reply to Tony Gines , Feb 01, 2017

    "an unbelievably pleasant UX"

    We run usability tests every week and watch them Friday afternoon at the JotForm offices. In addition to all other competitors, we did actually run some 3rd party usability tests on Typeform. The UX was actually not that great and users had a lot of trouble using the product. They were not even in the first 3 usability wise.

    But, I agree that "one question per page" idea is pretty unique and innovative. Kudos to them for being innovative in the forms space. People spend a lot of time on forms, so we need to do everything we can to improve them.

    We also had a lot of usability issue on the old version. The biggest one was that people were assuming we were an old and un-updated product because our UI looked old. The new version solves all of those problems. We are extremely excited about the future.

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  • Posted to Fullstory launches free edition for UX designers, Jan 26, 2017

    Full Story is amazing. I can't imagine how we managed it before Full Story. It was stone ages.

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  • Posted to How We Launched a New Homepage, in reply to Robert Anitei , Dec 20, 2016

    Absolutely agree. The original design actually had a much better top menu but we had to keep the existing one since it did not match with the rest of the site. As we release the new version of our Form Builder on February 1st, the top menu for the whole site will be changed. So, it is kind of gradual switch to the new design.

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  • Posted to Featured: FullStory—Understand your customer's experience like never before through pixel-perfect playback, advanced search, instant analytics and more, in reply to Wes Oudshoorn , Apr 21, 2016

    Either a great product or something fishy...?

    The first one. I open Designer News once a day as it is one of my browser's open at startup tabs. I usually don't comment. I just check out the news. When I saw Full Story, I had to comment. Because we love the product. I guess when you are sponsored you always hover at the top and there is a greater possibility of some happy user seeing it and posting a comment on it.

    Yes, the price is steep especially if you have busy site like we do.

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  • Posted to Featured: FullStory—Understand your customer's experience like never before through pixel-perfect playback, advanced search, instant analytics and more, Apr 18, 2016

    At JotForm, we use FullStory every single day. It is an amazing product. We are paying $850/month for it. I don't think we pay so much for another product. But, they deserve it because they save so much time to our developers and designers.

    What makes it so great?

    1. Bug Watching and Inspection:

    When someone reports a bug, in the past it took long time to find out what the hell was going on. Now, our developers can just watch the user and see what happens.

    Not only that you can watch while the problem is happening, you can even use Inspector and Console output to find out what happened.

    2. New Feature Feedback

    You've just introduced a new feature or improved an existing feature, what is next? In the past we had to wait for user's to manually send us feedback or try to come up with good user testing scenarios who would then be executed by someone who is not an actual product user. We can now instead of just watch real users really using the real product and see how they are using it. That's big!

    3. New Feature Design

    When we are considering updating an existing feature, we do not just do it blindly. In addition to looking at the usage data, we also watch some people using the existing feature. That will tell us if we are planning to mess up an existing good feature, where people are getting stuck on the existing feature.

    4. Support

    When someone reports a problem, you can go back and find out what they have been upto. Most of the time, people will provide vague support questions, or they will not describe the problem. We have not been using Full Story for support yet, we are planning to also utilize it in the support team in the near future.

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  • Posted to How is your design team structured?, Oct 02, 2015

    At JotForm, we work in small cross functional teams. Each team has a designer. The teams are around 4 people and has engineers, a designer and a CSS developer. But some of our designers are also good at CSS, so in those cases, they are one and the same.

    So, there is no separate "design team". A designer is part of a team such as Growth, Form Builder, Platform, Data or Widgets. But, all designers like to get together every week and discuss their work and how to be consistent with each other.

    If you find cross functional teams interesting I have provided details on a Medium post: https://medium.com/jotform-form-builder/cross-functional-teams-10be612f40ea

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