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  • Posted to What are some examples of password-less sign-up approaches?, in reply to Cameron Rohani , Jan 23, 2018

    another example is duolingo, where you can 'taste' the product and do some of the challenges before you actually need to create a profile

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  • Posted to How do you create wireframes?, Dec 06, 2017

    starting with small sketches like 3-4 per a4. I sketch small to force myself not to dive into details. After the sketches i mostly use adobe XD for wireframing, also because it had build in prototyping so i can test my wireframes with users or the client

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  • Posted to What browser do you use and why?, Nov 20, 2017

    Safari for day to day browsing, because it's integration with the rest of my devices and services (like icloud password, bookmark and open tab sync). And i use Chrome for development, because it has more plugins and the devtools are much better than those of safari

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  • Posted to How do you organize your folders and files for design projects?, Oct 19, 2017

    for freelance work i have a folder on my mac named client in that folder every client gets it's own folder, there is where the organization starts:

    • from client

    • inspiration

    • website

      • psd
      • jpeg
    • HTML

      • in here all the dev files
    • some random folders like: logo, & printing

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  • Posted to What icon represents UI?, in reply to Jasper vd M , Mar 02, 2015

    i'm surprised that so many non Dutch speakers (judging by their names) are loving your idea. I personally love it too, at school we actually used the onion as a metaphor for UI and Design because it has so many layers you have to keep in mind.

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