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  • Posted to Show DN: Pixelmatters, Apr 04, 2019

    Nice work on the details and preview images, although it still feels a little templatey (like wordpress template based) to me. sorry didn't read the blog post. The slightly rotated/skewed edges on the hero image didn't work for me, maybe it's to subtle and just feels off. My brain got confused and wanted this to stop :D

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  • Posted to medium.css - use Medium's typography in your own projects, Dec 05, 2018

    Great idea :)

    I figured you picked very different serif dropcaps compared to the sans-serif on medium, might be worth a quick fix.

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  • Posted to Photoshop's new transform behavior needs to be reverted, Nov 20, 2018

    We see the side effects of agile development. "Bring new features to the user, the earlier the better" got totally wrong. Product Managers nowadays just use their customers to "try and test" new things. That works for beta users or early adopters.

    Doesn't work for people that use the tools on a daily base and have their workflows.

    As long as it is not consistently executed, people won't like the new "shift-paradigm" cause it makes everything super messy.

    That's what happens with all new features introduced by Adobe, they'll never learn unless people cancel subscriptions.

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  • Posted to The Graphic Art of Incredibles 2, Nov 20, 2018

    Would rather prefer a good (and funny) story and average graphics. Incredibles 2 was such a disappointment, given all the effort they put into it :(

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  • Posted to A design tool that is also a developer tool. Introducing profiles in Hadron., Oct 31, 2018

    As Webflow is probably a little different (not working on local files) I'm trying to put this one into the correct box of tools, so...

    ...would you say Hadron is somewhat catering to the same audience like ??

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  • Posted to What do you use to develop animated elements for your websites? (CSS-only, Adobe Animate, Bodymovin'?), Oct 15, 2018

    Personal experience:

    1. Use a simple timeline-based animation tool like After Effects, Haiku(?), Protopie (or whatever) to nail your animation timing and transitions.

    2. When you're satisfied with the outcome switch over to the more complex tools for actual html+css coding.

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  • Posted to I'm passionate about UI & UX where do I start?, Sep 10, 2018

    If you're just getting started it's hard to claim that you're "passionate" about UI/UX.

    Let's say you admire good looking things or things that work and you would like to dig deeper into the mysterious world of design, especially UI/UX :)

    There's plenty of inspirational websites but at a certain point you need to get your hands dirty to improve/hone your skills. Try to find someone in your area that can answer all the beginners questions over a cup of coffee. So much nicer than skimming through outdated blog posts.

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  • Posted to AMA Nelson Abalos from Webflow, Jul 09, 2018

    If you would lead the Product team for a week, what direction would you go with Webflow 3.0? A feature you would like to see that would make...let's say: your life as a webdesign freelancer much easier than today?

    Why? Cause I feel like Webflow lost the inspiring glow they had for years. All the stuff that's been worked on is pretty much obvious stuff that needs to be done in an already saturated market. Missing the visionary ideas.

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  • Posted to Waveguide - Design Knowledge Base (Patterns, Mobile Screenshots/Landing Pages Examples), Jul 09, 2018

    Nice work!

    Quick improvements I would suggest:

    Improve the "above the fold" content (e.g. by reducing introductory text) so I might be able to actually see some example waves cause that's what the website is all about, right :)

    Remove the wave icon from the category section (makes it really hard to scan the category labels itself)

    Find a friend who owns a Windows machine. You're having some minor scrollbar issues all around (this might be helpful to see what I'm talking about:

    I'm not sure if the Sign-up wall is a good decision at this stage. You only have one chance to get people's attention on DN or PH or any other related website. Don't waste this free opportunity in the early stage of your product/idea. If I can't explore your service long enough to see any value I'll just hit the X and move on.

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