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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, Oct 05, 2017

    To be honest, I don't understand what the fuzz is about yet. The actual design aside: this initiative feels like they sent somebody with a knife to a gunfight. Does it make sense to anyone, like - what is the goal here? Which issue is being addressed? Stuff like that?

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  • Posted to Holon - Hold on (procedurally generated realtime 3D demo), Oct 03, 2017


    thought you might be interested in this little piece of digital art we pulled together. Nope, it doesn't have a purpose other than exploring what and browsers are capable of rendering. Needs a solid GPU. A smartphone optimized version is in the making.

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  • Posted to Crello - A Graphic Design Tool for Everyone, Aug 31, 2017

    If you want to know what happens with design-kind, look at the current state of DJing.

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  • Posted to Why I HATE your FAKE redesign!, in reply to Mike Mulvey , Mar 29, 2017

    Well, harsh words serve a purpose as well. In this case I'd file the use of language under passion, not anger.

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  • Posted to Critique the new navigation, Mar 14, 2017

    Here's a little review of my experience with your site.

    First thing I notice is the hero section saying "We Grow Materials", followed by the intro text. Which doesn't contain any hint that you're providing anything I can actually purchase.


    Logo in the left, menu in the right - everything as expected so far. However, I can't find anything except the shopping basket icon indicating there's a shopping section.

    It took me a minute to realize "The Shop..."-link slipped my radar cause it's "masked" by the logo > didn't expect a link below it, because the main navigation is placed right-hand.

    What I would do: iterate on the hero-headline. "We Sell Grown Materials" would instantly tell me the site isn't just about grown materials in general, but I can actually buy them (yet, it ain't a perfect headline).

    How about placing the shop link within the menu on the right and link to the shop instead of opening a submenu? Of course I'm not a potential customer, however the amount of information is a bit overwhelming.

    My 2 cents, Ronny

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