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  • Posted to Taking Criticism, Jul 29, 2017

    Love the illustration!

    The confusing part comes when clients flip-flop between decisions. On some days, they seem to understand UX. On others, the simplest things (to me) seem to fly past their heads completely.

    Then I realised why: sometimes they choose not to see, because it takes too much effort to change the way they work/business processes to support a digital service.

    Looking back, the fact that I got them to flip-flop was a win. Otherwise, they would have done things the same old way and change nothing about it.

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  • Posted to Front End Bites - a new weekly newsletter for front-end developers, Jul 29, 2017

    I like the content. Design gripe: placeholder text in email field looks like actual input on Mobile Safari (iPhone7 Plus, iOS 10.3.3). Struggled to delete "john.doe@gmail.com" to type my email:


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  • Posted to Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017 (free online conference), in reply to Marcin Treder , May 16, 2017

    Great stuff, thanks for running this.

    There's a typo on the page btw, for John Zeratsky. It says "Design Partner at Gogle Ventures".

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