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  • Posted to Designers, do you see eye floaters?, Jun 11, 2019

    I have found something that kind of has helped with eyestrain (besides just closing the laptop and going for a walk)

    1 - flux (red shift for your screen) 2 - sunglasses (a bit of a socially awkward solution, but...)

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  • Posted to Designers, do you see eye floaters?, Jun 11, 2019

    Yep, and they can be distracting. I have some cataracts that I have had to contend with from childhood =_=

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  • Posted to Tracing the future of web design, through the history of art, Mar 20, 2019

    This is really fascinating and the visuals are stunning!

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  • Posted to Making wooden maps for the last 8 months, Nov 22, 2018

    Wow those are really nice!

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  • Posted to Brutal design by Adidas, in reply to Jesse Payne , Oct 16, 2018

    lololol another golden oldie

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  • Posted to Brutal design by Adidas, Oct 16, 2018

    I kinda love how OTT the site is.

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  • Posted to Does anyone else feel guilty for being a product designer?, Oct 04, 2018

    On the one hand, it is important to question "what are we doing, anyway" often in order to make conscious decisions and actions. On the other hand, we all find ourselves in a specific capitalist paradigm—a game that has certain rules. Fortunately or unfortunately, in order to participate in a society, everyone (especially in societies with wealth and relative stability) has to play at least by some of the rules.

    Of course, this doesn't preclude one in participating in or lending their expertise to causes that seek to change or overthrow parts of the machine you find objectionable. Finding your niche where you can do what you feel is right and still practice your craft (and eat) is one of the most burning questions of modern post-industrial society.

    I hear "Bullsh*t Jobs" is a really interesting book, but I haven't read it yet.

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  • Posted to How does your prototyping workflow look like?, Oct 04, 2018

    Be happy to :)

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  • Posted to How effective are modern UX design methods?, Oct 04, 2018

    While I still believe the Discovery phase is one of the most important (and most skipped) of the design process, I do think your point about how much of this process is really used to justify the design choices you would have made anyway?" is important for product teams to keep in mind.

    I've definitely been on projects where a "solution" was proposed early on and it started to feel like a lot of the "discovery" research was being done in aid of that hypothesis, rather than a more objective interrogation of the proposed solution. We had to take a step back and do some more clean-slate thinking once we realized this, and in the end went down a different path. But that's why spending time on the discovery phase is so important. It's a fairly good (and cheap :D) crucible of pet ideas.

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  • Posted to Work Smarter with These Freelance Designer Tips, Jul 05, 2018

    This article contains some handy tips on fostering a great relationship with your freelance design clients.

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