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Rick Khanna

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  • Posted to Can I write “Creative Director” on a student résumé / CV?, Feb 12, 2019

    No, don't do it. Creative Directors do more than lead the creative vision. There's team management, presentation skills, mentoring, bridging practices, satisfying internal and client stakeholders, and often managing budgets and P&Ls. You will get nothing but eye rolls if you list that at entry level.

    Source: am an agency Creative Director. In my experience, people need to be putting in 10 years of work on a team before you can get promoted and be effective as a Creative Director. Sorry 5 year folks. 5 years isn't enough.

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  • Posted to Best places for UI/UX job openings?, Jan 24, 2019

    If you're not in NY of SF like most of us, I've found the best places to be regular old LinkedIn, Indeed and also Glassdoor.

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  • Posted to Slack new logo!, Jan 18, 2019

    LOL slack community churchhttps://twitter.com/charles_miller/status/1085617746346430465

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  • Posted to Favorite iOS News App in 2018?, Sep 08, 2018

    Apple News, Feedly

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  • Posted to Google has removed the 'view image' button from search results, Feb 17, 2018

    Funny how they say they want you to go to the publisher's page to see the image yet Google steals content from pages to display at the top of their results. Like when you see the block of text or answer without even visiting a page.

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  • Posted to What ToDo list are you using (more general, not only work)?, in reply to Marina Aisa , Aug 12, 2017

    Todoist is so good. I have the pro account. I can forward emails to it to make into a to do. I also love the quick add keyboard shortcut.

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  • Posted to A 90's Portfolio I Made, in reply to Oliver Swig , Aug 12, 2017

    I love that KesselsKramer thing. Very cool. My agency is too damn busy to make anything for ourselves!

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  • Posted to Site Design: x.com , Jul 18, 2017

    It's responsive.

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  • Posted to My new website about hip hop, Jun 22, 2017

    Cool, subscribed! Reminds me of a site I started a couple of years ago called 1SONG. I'd have people subscribe and then send them one hand-picked song per day by email. They could then stream it on all the services I could find. It leaned toward electronic and hip-hop music. I had it all automated once I selected the songs to send the emails and load the content into the html emails by RSS.

    You can see its remnants at http://1song.co. All the artist images are missing currently on the Wordpress site so it doesn't look the same. I even wrote up little blurbs on each song.

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