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  • Posted to How to Make a Better Website, in reply to Steve Benjamins , Aug 25, 2017

    It definitely has it's advantages and disadvantages, but my main issue is that you get locked into making a "Squarespace" site because of the limits of the formatting for the systems blocks. And in my experience, I end up having to "design" each page or post instead of just pasting in the content I want into predefined fields.

    Whenever possible, I prefer to write my own theme/HTML that can be hooked up to a CMS -- more often than not, I use WordPress (but I'm experimenting with other headless / static-site builder options). My clients prefer having to just enter the fields they need to get their content up rather than being weighed down by Visual Builders or strange abstractions of a WYSIWYG.

    Squarespace works best when your idea fits neatly into their templates. With the advent of tools like Jekyll, Timber for Wordpress + ACF, Forestry.io or Siteleaf -- you can get a really custom, flexible, streamlined option if you're working with a developer.

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  • Posted to How to Make a Better Website, in reply to iterati design , Aug 25, 2017

    These are excellent points for making a more considered, user-focused design that effects the user experience.

    I'm curious if others have ways to connect the brand, the user, and the content through design to improve the entire experience (and maybe even the purpose) of a site?

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  • Posted to Semplice 4, Aug 23, 2017

    I always worry about getting locked down into the theme's features when choosing drag-and-drop options. I feel like you end up with less control over things like SEO, minification of assets, building custom admin fields (via advanced custom fields / other) to make the client's life easier when updating.

    How do you all feel about drag-and-drop wordpress themes in general? I'm not knocking their value -- clearly they can make a great website -- I just tend to prefer developing custom themes for clients

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  • Posted to How Branding Tripled My Income in Six Months, in reply to Maciej Karpeta , Jun 30, 2017

    Ha she had "not enough", rather than zero. True story: she went from low 5-figures to low 6-figures! Branding definitely helped get her there, but her amazing work deserves the real credit.

    Thanks for reading Maciej :) let me know if there's any topics you'd like to hear about for my next article!

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  • Posted to How Branding Tripled My Income in Six Months, Jun 29, 2017

    Thanks Benjamin, I appreciate it! Let me know if there's more topics you'd like covered in my next article

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  • Posted to What is a Brand? How You're Missing Out By Not Putting Yours to Work, Jun 27, 2017

    Happy to field any comments from the article!

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  • Posted to We want minimal CMS for portfolio + blog., Jun 26, 2017

    I LOVE Jekyll for custom, clean sites that you can then add on your CMS of choice (Forestry.io or Siteleaf are great options.)

    Besides building sites Jekyll makes for a really great build tool when building themes or production sites as well. My dev/design workflow lately has been: Illustrator > Jekyll > Wordpress + Timber > Bedrock/Trellis for deployment and it works like a charm :) hope this helps!

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  • Posted to 10 Typography Tips Every Business Should Know, in reply to Nicholas Burroughs , May 18, 2017

    That's certainly true -- half of Dafont.com being the operative culprit.

    For newcomers I wanted to get them thinking about how they're going to use fonts to create a "voice" rather than decisively saying "this is my font, because it looks cool." But you're right -- there definitely are poorly-designed typefaces.

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  • Posted to 10 Typography Tips Every Business Should Know, May 18, 2017

    Happy to chat about the tips in the comments.

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  • Posted to Gather - Minimal, modular organizer, by Ugmonk, in reply to Jeff Sheldon , May 16, 2017

    I completely understand -- your design considerations are definitely worth the premium

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