Lewis Jacobs

Graphic Designer / Illustrator @ UNLIKEYOU Joined over 9 years ago

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  • Posted to What does your design portfolio look like?, Nov 16, 2016

    Here's mine. Nothing special. I use semplice and could add more customization but...I have yet to make time to. http://unlikeyou.com

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  • Posted to Help me let go of Apple, in reply to Noureddine Azhar , Oct 28, 2016

    This! I think people are missing the target market for the SS. It's for digital artist. As a designer that does a lot of illustrative work it appeals to me, but it's not offering me something I don't already have (MBP + Cintiq). The only reason I consider moving to Windows based computing is that it supports modular hardware and gaming.

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  • Posted to Steffen Studio, Oct 10, 2016

    His work is actually visually pleasing. Nothing inspiring but good work over all.

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  • Posted to Famous Logos Recreated Using Comic Sans, in reply to Jay Wyche , Jul 29, 2016

    Neither do I! It actually fits my perception of the Nestle brand quite well.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How often do you clean up your desktop?, in reply to Chloe Silver , Mar 22, 2016

    I was thinking digital but my physical one gets crazy too. My physical desk gets cleared off at the end of each day.

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  • Posted to Frontend Design, in reply to Gareth Clubb , Feb 18, 2016

    And that team structure is how things should ideally be. Masters working with masters to efficiently and effectively solve a problem.

    I know some HTML and CSS and have an understanding of Javascript but it's not my strong suit. It's time consuming and takes away from actually doing what I'm good at doing.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Rethinking the Product Designer Portfolio (Feedback Welcome), in reply to Karen Li , Feb 17, 2016

    I second this. It's extremely informative. It completely appeals to the logical side of design and problem solving. As Andreas Ubbe Dall mentioned it doesn't offer a quick overview which makes the depth a bit daunting. There's a ton of information and it sort of feels like work.

    On the other hand as a designer and not someone in HR I'm always intrigued by other designers process. To solve the problem of a summary vs depth..maybe implement what blogs or online stores do; a "more info" or "read more" type of thing.

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  • Posted to Show DN: My portfolio, Feb 05, 2016

    Going to be looking for a new job soon. Just need some feedback so I know I'm on the right track

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