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  • Posted to Why would you want to work remote as a designer?, Jun 07, 2017

    You make some good points about the benefits of face to face interaction, it can lead to solving questions and problems quicker and easier than scheduling and meeting over skype. Also working in an office you get to know your coworkers and you exchange ideas.

    However, as many others have pointed out it comes down to a personal lifestyle choice. I currently work in an office for a small startup but am dying for the opportunity to be able to work remotely.

    1. I'm not sure where your office is but in NYC area we have to spend 45-60 min average one way to get to an office. That's two hours of your day wasted sitting in traffic or in cluttered bus/train.

    2. In an office, There's always something going on, people talking, someone coming over to ask questions that sometimes have nothing to do with what you are doing. It's distracting.

    3. If you trust your employees you can do everything over the computer. There are so many collaboration tools out there. You can do critiques, report bugs, you can do all of that remotely.

    4. Working from anywhere in the world. I love to travel. If you want to travel while working in an office, you have to ask your bosses for a vacation which you might not get and if you get it it's usually 1-2 weeks. Working remotely I can travel and work at the same time

    5. Family life. I can spend some time with the family during the day

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  • Posted to What to Listen While Designing ?, May 30, 2017

    Mostly chillstep or vocal trance when having to stay focused for longer hours. When something has to be done quickly i turn up to Meek Mill

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  • Posted to How do you organize screen states in Sketch?, in reply to Brad Siefert , May 03, 2017

    I think I will try this technique out. Thanks

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  • Posted to Open Sketch files without Sketch, Apr 26, 2017

    Thank you for this editor. It is definitely useful especially for sending files to developers or other designers who are not familiar with or don't have Sketch.

    I'm not sure how difficult will it be but in the future, it will be interesting if you can do the opposite, upload a PSD file and save it as a sketch file.

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  • Posted to FREE Webinar - Turn your designs into React components, Apr 17, 2017

    yeah, I would be very interested in it

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  • Posted to Kinetise - Rapid Mobile Apps Development Platform, Dec 21, 2016

    Hey, Piort, First of all, I would like to congratulate you on building this project. Obviously, not everyone will be supportive but I can see it a great tool for small businesses and designers who don't have the time or the budget to pay a developer to build a simple app. I agree to some of the comments that the UI feels a bit outdated but I think that can be flushed out in future updated. I'm considering trying out your product, I just have a few questions. Can you show me examples of apps built with this tool? Also how much creative freedom do you have compared to a tool like sketch for example?

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