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  • Posted to Framer shares a first look at their all-new screen design tool, in reply to Thomas Mathew , Dec 17, 2017

    ^ This. Please. Once states and components can be managed in Framer's Design view it’ll be something that can start replacing a lot of other options.

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  • Posted to Diya - Timeline animation directly in Sketch, Nov 24, 2017

    Suresh, it’s fantastic seeing all this Mitya goodness available within Sketch as well. I have no idea how you find enough the time to build all this goodness.

    Do you see Diya as a companion to Mitya, or possibly replacing it?

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  • Posted to 20 Years of Photoshop, in reply to Marc Edwards , Nov 20, 2017

    Right? For me, it was in 1990 (v1 or v1.5?) when I was as enlisted as free child labor in my mother's graphic design studio.

    A non-stop flow of Kai's tips over a slow as mud dial up connection to AOL made anything feel possible.

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  • Posted to Sketch to React Component Renderer, Sep 19, 2017 has been doing some interesting work on creating React components and apps visually, including a Sketch import plugin.

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  • Posted to As a UX designer, what do you consider the must-read book(s) about behavioral psychology? , in reply to Stuart Williams , Feb 13, 2017

    Big 2nd for 'Psychology of Persuasion'.

    Charlie Munger's talk on psychology of human misjudgment is also massively insightful -

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  • Posted to Daydream: Google VR, in reply to Todd Sieling , Nov 12, 2016

    Hey Todd! Hope all is good in the great NW.

    Like the look of this but a bit confused at the larger system and why only certain phones (and certain Android phones at that) can use it? In addition to the headset is Daydream also a new phone OS (or Android app)?

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  • Posted to What tool can turn Sketch designs into offline, clickable prototypes?, Nov 06, 2016

    One option that would meet most of your criteria (doesn't yet support comments), and also afford transitional design, is

    It can currently import directly from Sketch and the author is actively improving upon it based on user input.

    It has a few smaller UX issues that are still being refined, but it offers the 2 features most others skip - support for any screen size and simple HTML/CSS/JS export (thank god).

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  • Posted to A future without code, Apr 22, 2016

    I think the larger sentiment here of separating the concepts of "programming" from "coding" is spot on, and something that could benefit both traditional programmers and those builders / product creators who don't know how to code.

    Another product that is pursuing this approach is They're still young and certainly have a few rough edges but it's very impressive how much can be created with a tool like this. Also, the process of creation is direct, as opposed to the abstraction code presents - the effect of which is hard to overestimate.

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  • Posted to Sketch Runner, Apr 22, 2016

    Fantastic work. Ditto on being "Alfred for Sketch". One drawback right now is you have to start search with first word of the item. If/when you add ability to search for any keyword within an item it’ll really fly.

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  • Posted to Fabricator - Build your UI Toolkit, Jan 06, 2016

    Jono, great work on this. Is it accurate to think of Fabricator as similar (or an alternative) to or do you see it as something different?

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