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  • Posted to The key to gaining 15K+ followers on Dribbble & Instagram., Mar 06, 2018

    So something someone else noted: You do have a lot of followers and likes, but rarely any feedback or comments (which is not ideal as a designer for other reasons, but those don't pertain to this post). With the new Instagram algorithm, I think this is a serious problem for you and getting your work noticed since instagram is no longer chronological.

    Solutions or thoughts?

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  • Posted to Would you work on a project that challenged your morals?, Dec 08, 2016

    I think it does depend on the severity of the transgression against my morals. I'm Christian, but I'm willing to sit down and learn and design with the Hindu or Muslim religions in mind (especially for concept art). I almost wouldn't quite count that as against my morals, however.

    Now, if it was for propaganda against alternate gender or alternate sexualities, I don't believe I would. I don't want my name on something like that, nor do I want to be a part of the hardships many of my friends face.

    Religion differences: Yes. Social issues that are derogatory or inflammatory in nature: No.

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  • Posted to Using a bottom bar on mobile websites, Dec 07, 2016

    I have not personally gone into a lot of research for this, but I would also like to note something that may or may not affect your site: mobile ads.

    I work for a mobile ad company and I know we keep them at the bottom of the page and locked there to avoid navigation issues with the typical top-nav that most sites have.

    While a personal webpage may not have mobile advertising nor need to worry about it, a larger company site that's being designed may have to consider this for their mobile experience as they are making revenue off of these ads and the clicks.

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  • Posted to What sketchbook and pen do you use?, Nov 21, 2016

    I tend to use a variety of sketchbooks ranging from a Canson 8.5x11 all the way to a Moleskin or a Rhodia dot-grid book (fairly cheap). I tend to go for the smoother paper, but with enough weight I'm not going to wreck the back of the page with india ink.

    As far as pens go, I use microns, a portable little fountain pen with extra thin nib with universal ink cartridge replacements, or I just obtained a nylon brush pen that I'm loving and cannot read the name of (in Japanese).

    The Brush pen takes a lot of control, but it's well worth it once you begin using it (I also suggest buying replacement cartridges of ink in bulk if you plan on using it a lot. Same for the fountain pen.)

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