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  • Posted to Pocket Casts 7 Brings a Major Overhaul with Material Theme Redesign, Nov 17, 2018

    I like the design overhaul but can we please stop calling everything Material design? Either you follow the guidelines or it's not Material Design but your own interpretation.

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  • Posted to Google’s AR Design Guidelines suffice while Apple’s fall short, Oct 23, 2018

    I have no idea what this is doing on the Figma blog.

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  • Posted to Revamp of my personal site , Oct 09, 2018

    Hey Kieron, this work is really good. I love the cases and how they go from before/after and also mention other deliverables other than design. You clearly know what you are doing!

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  • Posted to Wanting to move away from web / UI to brand projects - What is the best advice?, in reply to Jordan Zeit , Oct 09, 2018

    Don't mention other stuff in the portfolio. Self-initiate projects. Call yourself a brand designer. Get on Twitter. Go to meetups. Hand out business cards that say “brand designer”. Soon enough the jobs will roll in.

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  • Posted to Wanting to move away from web / UI to brand projects - What is the best advice?, Oct 08, 2018

    Sounds obvious but I would make sure your portfolio has relevant projects - that your portfolio looks like the things you want to do.

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  • Posted to ATTN MODS: What is being done to stop the flood of sports spam currently underway on DN?, Oct 07, 2018

    Yes. What is going on...?

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  • Posted to Figma Announces Figma to Sketch Export Competition with $15K in Prizes, Oct 02, 2018

    First of all, I love Figma and I love the idea of being able to convert to Sketch. I’ve been playing with the API as well.

    The problem with this “competition” is this is pure speculative work. Sometimes our industry should be fighting against. Although the intentions are noble this is no better than a logo competition.

    If you think this idea is worth $15K why not pay someone $15K to develop this?

    (Personally I think it’s worth much more than that number)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Anyone use Figma or XD for client work?, in reply to Marcus H , Oct 01, 2018

    Figma integrates with Zeplin so if you want to keep using Zeplin you can do so.

    In my experience clients just love Figma. Here's a few examples (just from the past 8 months):

    • Client 1 starting to use Figma themselves to continue some design work after the project. This person was an industrial engineer, not a designer, running a startup. I thought that was really cool.
    • Client 2: same - a developer at this client decided to fill in some missing gaps after our design project. (In a later project we did have to clean up some of their work ;))
    • Client 3 asking us to move Sketch designs to Figma so their devs can see/inspect the designs on Windows
    • Client 4 making analysis mockups in Figma, started the process to get Figma going in their large organisation. Became a big Figma fan. Asked us to share the design system/components for broader adoption in their org.

    I've never seen adoption like this happen with any design app before.

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  • Posted to Is it just me, or the dark theme on Mojave really sucks?, in reply to Cristian Moisei , Oct 01, 2018

    If you are curious, I recently open sourced the app. It's called Keynote Extractor. Here's the repo.

    The kind of work is to study how dark mode is implemented and to change assets based on the dark mode API. There's a few icons in there and basically it's a single view app.

    I don't have Mojave yet so I don't know how much is automatic but I assume most of the app will look broken on Mojave in dark mode.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Anyone use Figma or XD for client work?, Sep 30, 2018

    I just went through my calendar to see when I exactly switched to Figma full-time - I've been using Figma to do design work for clients for over 8 months now. This is in a 6 person agency.

    I've never had problems with deliverables, and the feature set is pretty complete.

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