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  • Posted to Common webpage design mistakes, Aug 18, 2018

    Nice article but the geolocation feature is extremely annoying. I'm in Japan and want to see the signup page in English - if you're going to force locality on me, at least offer an option to switch languages, or just don't force it.

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  • Posted to Font Shaming, Aug 18, 2018

    Again, want to be optimistic and all, but what is the point of tools like these? Why would you want to see what fonts people are using? What happened to originality?

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  • Posted to Font Shaming, in reply to Ed Adams , Aug 18, 2018

    Of course lol. I am guilty of getting caught up in that :(

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  • Posted to Advanced prototyping is now within reach, thanks to Framer X, Aug 18, 2018

    I'm trying to stay positive these days but the demo video voice is quite irritating. Is it just me?!

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  • Posted to Swedish Web agency Kollegorna's new website, Aug 18, 2018

    Cool. Feels different form everything else I've looked at in the last month. IMO focuses on WE a lil too much, but whatever... they can say what they please.

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  • Posted to Multipurpose landing page constructor in Figma, Aug 18, 2018

    Does anyone actually use landing page templates like this? I would imagine most needs go beyond what a template can offer, not to mention that they need to match whatever branding you already have in place if you are doing any sort of traffic routing to a lead capture form.

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  • Posted to Google Pixel Buds, Oct 04, 2017

    It's funny that google uses Japanese translation example when everyone who has ever tried google translate into Japanese will tell you it spits out pure jibberish.

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  • Posted to The New Dropbox, in reply to David Hariri , Oct 04, 2017

    Words fail to describe how I feel about this decision to rebrand... my goodness.

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