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  • Posted to Design Interview Ethics, Nov 20, 2017

    The only thing that can be done is learn from the experience. Decide how you will handle this situation in the interview process in the future.

    Are they going to hire you after doing assignment work? Is this ethical? Are they looking for free work? Should you not be hired based on your previous experience, portfolio work, and expertise shown in the interview process? Are you willing to invest time that you may not get back?

    There is a big difference between giving demonstrations of your work process and working for free.

    Alternatively to doing an assignment you could suggest showing examples of the different stages of how you approach work. I always include photos of sketches, flow diagrams on whiteboards, dot voting exercises, grayscale wireframes, high fidelity designs with style guide, and finally the live website.

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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, Aug 31, 2017

    As impatient as I am I recognize the focus on quality. I look forward to seeing the roadmap so I can have some idea on how to base workflow decisions in the coming months years.

    Our workflow environment:

    Currently our team (20+) is experiencing "tool fatigue".

    • Mindnode for IA
    • sketch for mid/high fidelity
    • craft prototype, sync upload, data
    • invision for prototyping/testing
    • zeplin for developer handoff
    • Lingo to keep multiple libraries for color, images, symbols, logos and descriptions
    • Principle to mockup simple animations
    • abstract to try and keep files clean, version, and merge multi design changes

    When I can see switching:

    An update involving the versioning and live collab features and allowing for designs to go to other tools (handoff, motion, etc).

    This would consolidate the file backups & syncing, designing, prototyping, and collaboration (live designing/sharing/commenting) which we need separate tools to accomplish. Knowing style guides and hand-off to be coming down the line it would make sense to begin making the effort to socialize, integrate, and switch 20+ people over.

    What I hope to see in the future:

    • Large SVG icon sets through asset library that are maintained through illustrator.
    • Color overrides of symbol assets. I have used shape masking on icon symbols in sketch but it's hacky and seems to affect performance in large files.
    • Prototype hover states. The hover states would also allow for user to stop thinking of how to navigate the prototype. Instead seeing the affordances to recognize interactivity rather than finding the blue hotspots.
    • User inputs. This would win huge when trying to test form designs as users tend to look for prototype hotspots rather than thinking of what they would input or select in the form in context with accurate information.
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  • Posted to Best way to work collaborative in Sketch?, Mar 22, 2017

    Lately our team has been using an app called Abstract App currently in private alpha. (Edit: I know you mentioned you can't wait months, but they seem to be rolling private alpha out pretty quickly)

    It allows for multiple designers to create branches of our master sketch file, commit changes, then merge upon completion. It is good for tracking work and version control. When 2 or more designers merge there is also a really nice conflict resolution that will allow the user to choose what is the correct version.

    Example: If 2 designers change the same symbol it will be flagged and it will display the visual difference for the user to choose the correct version to be merged back to the master sketch file.

    Image title

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  • Posted to Have any design teams moved to Adobe XD?, Nov 02, 2016

    Currently still using Sketch + Invision for design/prototyping, Zeplin as developer handoff and principle to mock up interaction & motion.

    The beta release and Adobe's announcements on future features (designer handoff, symbol library, Co-editing, etc.) were exciting. Adobe XD seemed reactionary for the longest while, but now seems to be setting a great foundation for a solid work flow.

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