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  • Posted to AMA: Adobe XD 2017, Aug 30, 2017

    Any plans to open XD up to the open-source community? The product/UX design world moves and changes fast and allowing the community to build features for their specific needs has been critical to the success of Sketch (in my humble opinion).

    Also, any plans to integrate with 3rd-party tools like Abstract? Not doing so could be a deterrent for large design teams.

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  • Posted to Should your team be using Figma?, in reply to Marcin Treder , Oct 20, 2016

    Really interesting. I think point #1 is definitely a potential real use-case for us at Prolific. But like you said earlier, I'm curious to hear if multi-player is really making companies rethink or reconsider their current workflows.

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  • Posted to Should your team be using Figma?, Oct 20, 2016

    What are some gaps or deficiencies in your team's current work flow that Figma and real-time collaboration can help fill? Is the value of 'multiplayer' enough to make the switch to Figma today?

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