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  • Posted to Introducing Freehand Inside InVision, in reply to Stephen Olmstead , Aug 03, 2017

    hmm, sounds good but I'm a bit sceptical -there are so many little usability bugs, which are so obvious and frustrating and making working with core invision features super inefficient - and there has been literally no progress on that since years

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  • Posted to Sketch 46, in reply to Pedro Moreira da Silva , Aug 01, 2017

    yep, have the same issue too

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  • Posted to What are some good examples of iOS nav overflow?, Dec 28, 2016

    Mhm, a lot of people are just saying to kill the number of nav items ... It's right, it's obvious, it's not much help. We don't design for vacuum, and we aren't the only or the most important people on the project, and i don't think irl this problem can be solved so easily. Would really like to see more actual examples / ideas on this :)

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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Nuno Coelho Santos, in reply to Nuno Coelho Santos , Dec 03, 2016

    I actually really like this approach, and it's really well executed, I don't feel lost at at all... nice job!!

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  • Posted to New Uber App, in reply to Brooks Hassig , Nov 02, 2016

    haven't checked the app yet, but on the web the text is super small & hardly readable on all these backgrounds :(

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