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  • Posted to Has anyone switched from sketching on paper (or sketchbook) to an iPad?, Jul 15, 2020

    I've found that with an infinite canvas tool like Concepts will let you move really quickly and kinda encourages being a bit messy!

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  • Posted to Refining a design system for accessibility, Jul 15, 2020

    We (finally) updated our design system's color palette to meet accessibility standards.

    As we're expanding the design system, we've moved towards breaking our product design and brand design systems into two. Have y'all taken a similar path to keep some brand elements the same while improving in-product usability?

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  • Posted to Shiny Frog Sunsets Pixa, in reply to Nick Dominguez , Sep 16, 2018

    Good find! Will check it out!

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  • Posted to Made a guide on how to do good UX research, would love any feedback, in reply to A B , May 31, 2018

    Thanks so much, AB! I'll add both sourcing and how to run a session to my list of topics!

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  • Posted to Dear Article One — Easy civic engagement, Jan 12, 2017

    I wrote a little bit about why we made Dear Article One here, and would love to get any feedback.

    With the current political climate, I hope everyone can get involved.

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  • Posted to Pandora has a new logo, Oct 12, 2016

    The app icon looks just like Rdio's white icon! Maybe Rdio is coming back as Pandora?



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  • Posted to the Orchard – Apple, Oct 06, 2016

    Is it gone?

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  • Posted to Our favorite customized portfolios yet. Which design made with Adobe Portfolio inspires you the most?, May 25, 2016

    Is it just me or is their listed examples not feature visual or user experience portfolios? Doesn't seem like it fits for what most people on this site would want a portfolio for. (Not sure how to easily show any sort of process work... Seem similar to the simple Dribbble Playbook portfolio service.)

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  • Posted to PillPack - Pharmacy Simplified, May 25, 2016

    Been a long time customer (3+ years) with PillPack. It's really good if you need a daily Rx and better for managing lots of complex daily Rxs. Otherwise it doesn't really work all that well. It's inflexible in design, and doesn't handle medication changes, or occasional prescriptions all that well.

    I found their support and pharmacy tech team to be okay... but have had my share of confusion a number of times. I'd say that the whole system (IDEO designed if I remember correctly) is more of an overly designed solution in search of a problem. For most people, it doesn't make sense.

    Recently switched away to Phil. So far I'm really happy with them. It's a much more practical for everyday use than PillPack.

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  • Posted to Sketch 3.7.0 is out!, Apr 13, 2016

    So excited about fonts no longer escaping!!! Biggest update for Sketch in my mind, especially when collaborating with others.

    Fonts are no longer missing

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