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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your daily schedule?, Mar 31, 2015
    • 10 — Wake up
    • 10 — Coffee > Start work > Check news > Slack scrum
    • 11 — Workout > Shower > Metro
    • 12 — Head into the office
    • 1 — Eat lunch
    • 2 — Core coding time, according to github
    • 5 — Drink a beer > Wind down > Prep for tomorrow
    • 6 — Leave work and do whatever
    • 2 — Sleep
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  • Posted to Do you design in the browser?, Nov 13, 2014

    I only design in the browser.

    I love it for two reasons

    1) Changes are fast. If you have to add another item to a navigation, that's one line of html <li><a href="">my item</a></li> but in Photoshop it's resizing every nav item and moving everything around and then doing that for all the other breakpoints.

    2) I work in news and a lot of what we do is time sensitive so sometimes we have to take a lot of shortcuts.


    We use Middleman for one-off apps and we have a lot of middleman templates that generate most of the background code we need.

    I also have a bunch of grunt tasks and templates that help me quickly spin up projects.

    Also, our Media Stack, Chorus, has a SASS tool built in with articles.


    • Never start from scratch
    • Make code and design elements reusable
    • Share the workload by building tools that allow non-designers to do design work or at least support designers in helpful ways
    • Pull data in from spreadsheets or some type of data source, so others can edit copy or change photos while you're designing
    • Use an iterative process to scale design (The first time you build something it might take a couple weeks, the second time a couple days, the third time it should take less than a couple hours)
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