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  • Posted to Launched my new dev/design portfolio, Aug 24, 2017

    It's weird that you have pics for all the people who wrote a testimonial, but not for yourself.

    Beyond that, I really liked what content you used and how you organised it.

    Maybe the text in purple — #605C84 — could use a bit more contrast.

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  • Posted to New Medium Logo, Aug 23, 2017

    I think it's clear the evolution of the company through its logos.

    First one: we want to build a product, focused on making writing easy. The logo was functional, and black and white. Maybe the wordmark was a bit too heavy, but the M as an icon was great.

    Second one: we want to be social media, to start generating revenue with advertising, and bringing in big editorial companies. The logo was supergeneric and on trend. The wordmark was nice, but too generic. The icon made no sense at all, was gimmicky, and erased a recognisable icon with an ownable black and white scheme from my phone to be a generic colored icon lost in a sea of forgetable icons.

    Third one: we want to be premium content, with a subscription based model, and paying writers by engagement if they publish just for subscribers. The logo is really well crafted, and looks like a magazine. Reclaims the old black and white color scheme. Maybe a bit too trendy again, but great typography, so it may age well — unless they totally change business model and identity again in a couple of years.

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  • Posted to How to quote without knowing the budget?, in reply to Marcel van Werkhoven , Aug 16, 2017

    It's rude to talk about money or business in social gatherings, everywhere. And in some countries it's also rude to ask others about their finances or how much money they make, at informal conversations.

    But talking about money on a business meeting is essential.

    Some designers don't think they are having a business conversation, because they are asking about the cllient's needs, and try to empathise. But you are a company — even if you are a freelancer —, and you are doing business with another company. In B2B, knowing how to talk about money comfortably is necessary to create trust, IMHO.

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  • Posted to How to quote without knowing the budget?, Aug 14, 2017

    Making proposals is the worst business. Before taking the time to make one, you should know the client's budget, or if they can afford — and want to spend — your price.

    Sometimes being affraid of asking about money is just a way to avoid a conversation that can lead to the client saying no. But it's always preferable a client saying no, that a client making you work on a proposal, and then not even responding to it.

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  • Posted to [critique] what do you think of my new logo? (Boost is formed by my initials), Aug 14, 2017

    It may be a little too complex. Works fine as an illustration, but as a logo it has too much going on. For example, you use cinetic lines but, did you need six of them?

    Including the B as part of the rocket is not a bad idea, but it's not working. You created a funny shape that resembles more a fork or an anchor, or a claw from a clow machine, than it does a rocket. Also you created an arrow that goes opposite to the movement of the rocket.

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  • Posted to Portfolio site in the third person. Does it add gravitas or seem a bit pretentious?, Aug 02, 2017

    General trend is to address the person visiting your portfolio directly instead of using third person writing.

    Unless you are using it to write in a novelistic or journalistic tone, and it has a reason — for example if your body of work has been designing books or newspapers — there is no reason to use third person.

    Sometimes people find it more easy to write about themselves that way because it feels less aggressive, but in the same way some less experienced designers try to use lighter color contrast trying to hide the fact that they are not good with composition, and it doesn't fix anything, just make it worse, if you think talking directly you're being aggressive, just work on your tone.

    Also, writing copy is hard, and if you're not good at it, just consider hiring a professional writer.

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  • Posted to The New YouTube, in reply to Wouter Hillen , May 03, 2017

    Pointer/hand cursor is not necessary with buttons:

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  • Posted to Why did Instagram Web change it's "Load More" Button Design?, Mar 14, 2017

    First, on projects as large as Instagram, back engineering design decisions is tricky because there are always too many variables.

    In this case, the circular button seems a solution imported from mobile, where click area is important. On desktop, not so much, so I'll say that focusing Instagram web towards desktop could be a reason.

    Also with the circular button you lose a lot of space, so making the UI more compact and making better use of space could be another one.

    Making the UI more consistent could be a third one. Usually primary buttons — like Follow — have a blue blackground and secondary buttons — like Following, to unfollow, or Edit profile — have no background and an outline. Both secondary button examples are used when showing an action different from the main action — or default — in the same place, to reduce the chance of clicking by mistake. As the Load more button is the only one displayed in that place, showing it as a primary button seems appropriate. Also the circular button shape wasn't used anywhere else on the UI.

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  • Posted to A site for bullshitfree design articles, in reply to Alessandro Battisti , Mar 10, 2017

    But an encyclopedia with no content and just links makes no sense, and you can't just copy other people's articles. Also when sources change links break, so the long term may be tricky.

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  • Posted to A site for bullshitfree design articles, Mar 09, 2017

    A decade ago, curation was suposed to be a big deal. Individuals filtering content. But now it's clear there is more and more content, but quality content is scarce.

    If you want this to be a one man project — ie you making all the calls — a newsletter would be more appropiate, because a site of curated content needs to have content on a daily basis in order to gain traction.

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