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  • Posted to Apple Arcade, in reply to Stefano Vitagliano , Mar 26, 2019

    While I agree with you that his comment is short on explaining the why behind "Bleh." I must point that the post was filed under "Site Design" category, usually used to gain critique of the website more than elaborate on business value and proposition.

    From the page design perspective, I think it looks great, but the performance is terrible. Multiple video backgrounds are taking so much processing power that unless you scroll really slow, the page is constantly glitching. If I try scrolling up and down the page, it becomes a mess. That's for me at least, maybe on Tim's iMac Pro it goes smooth as butter. And I also dislike the red color choice for "Notify me" button, I think the white color button, as on Apple TV+ page, would be more settle choice.

    I love the Apple Card page design though, I think it's a really well balance of interactive elements, text, and images.

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  • Posted to Haiku is now Animator, Mar 09, 2019

    I think fonts on your page could use some font-smoothing, especially on buttons. Check it out

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  • Posted to Feedback on my website. What can be done better?, Oct 11, 2018

    Overall the website looks poorly designed. First thing I did was nottice the blue ocean image ad tried to drag the cursor only to realize it's not draggable. Then it took me way too long to figure out what does "IMPLEM" means. As others pointed there're too many attention grabbing elements on the page. Blue color is so overused that calls to action are getting lost.

    The layout of top area doesn't make a good use of space. It seems more logical to have the text and image side by side rather than text on top and image above. Here's my suggestion for the top part: https://ibb.co/h9qhip.

    Also, maybe have just "Start free trial" button on this page to reduce the clutter and have a separate Pricing page with monthly/annually pay option, I feel like your clients would want more details on pricing and app support.


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  • Posted to Black or White website?, in reply to Ahmed Sulaiman , Sep 27, 2018

    It's the same layout in both, exactly the same, so the answer is – yes.

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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 18, 2018

    Fjallraven Raven 20

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  • Posted to Spirit is out now for Mac, May 16, 2018

    Wow, how about a 7 trial period at least, or Spirit expects people to jump on $15/month subscription right away?

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  • Posted to Procrastinate Like a Pro [Comic], Mar 28, 2018

    I'm glad I'm not alone in this) Thanks for answering all the questions about your process at the end, that was so satisfying!

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  • Posted to Timeline for Sketch Is Now Available, Mar 19, 2018

    I bet it's a very useful tool, but man, the price is quite high. Considering that I would use this once in a while, that it's a plugin for Sketch and that it's not offering much besides simple animation that exports only GIF and MP4, I would probably consider lowering the price until you develop all this options you promise.

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  • Posted to Dropbox Bizarre Empty State Illustration, in reply to Jim Silverman , Oct 27, 2017

    Well, based on the message underneath, I think it means to create an impression that you can access your files while climbing on a mountain, place that is mostly associated with absence of internet.

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  • Posted to Personal Portfolio (Kleant Zogu), Oct 20, 2017

    Nice, I like it. My only suggestion would be to have larger images inside the project page, sometimes it's hard to notice details you describe in the copy.

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