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  • Posted to What's the best way to create animated gifs like this?, May 27, 2014

    If you created the prototype, for testing, or ? Just record a gif using liceCAP

    Here's a sample I created using Quartz, then recorded with liceCAP

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  • Posted to Have you ever designed a 50+ Screen UI with Sketch?, Apr 03, 2014

    So how are you doing 50 Screens in Photoshop? Layers? Groups? Comp Layers?

    When I use Sketch, and things start to slow down, I break it into organized files based on work flows... This is the flow for "X" etc.

    The time I save using Sketch vs Illustrator/Photoshop is well worth the 'trouble' of separate files.

    Sketch isn't a replacement for all things photoshop and illustrator, but it's been a major time saver for me.

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  • Posted to "Ask DN:" Project Management Systems, Apr 03, 2014

    I have used a lot of different Project Management systems: Basecamp, Creative Manager (workamajig), Asana, Trello, Agile Zen, Jira, and more. It really comes down to what you're 'managing'

    Workamajig was Horrible. Like... really really bad.

    Basecamp... meh... It's ok... I wasn't sad leaving it behind even after 2 years of dedicated use.

    Currently our UXD team is using Glip which is AMAZING!!

    One click zoom video chat, threaded team and group chat, share files, annotate images and comps, share links, manage tasks etc.

    I still use ASANA for my detailed to do / project management, but I use Glip for everything collaborative and communication related.

    Glip is constantly iterating as well... Each week there are new features. So far, in my opinion, they've hit it out of the park.

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  • Posted to NYC DN: Thanks for coming. Claim your color., in reply to Daniel Wilber , Mar 15, 2014

    Jared Spool was on adult swim??

    Love T&E.

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  • Posted to Quartz Composer or framerjs?, Feb 06, 2014

    I haven't used Origami/Quartz yet, but I intend to. I like the idea of working with SVGs so you get a more pixel accurate representation of what you're building. Plus it seems like it has more fine grained interaction ability.

    I have used Framer.js, I was intrigued so I gave it a shot a few weeks ago.

    Took me about 2 hours to create this prototype, including: The visual design(sketch), Learning basic Framer.js(w/sketch output), and building the prototype itself. Interaction is: Click Construction Project 2B > Building Materials Detail > Lumber Detail

    And the back 'Last Breadcrumb' on each page.

    We're in an interesting time for UX & Prototyping. A lot of tools surfacing, a lot of tools on the way (EvolveUI, etc. I'm having a hard time settling on a toolkit.

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