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    Seems about right.

    Average (mean and median) = 24.0 years Standard Deviation = 5.8 years

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    We should have a share your deviant art account from 2005 treat.

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    Heading back to school to Waterloo in a week.

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    London Fog.

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  • Posted to Should Designers Code?, Mar 18, 2014

    Knowing how to interface with other aspects of your company/profession is what is actually important.

    Outside of being a designer/developer I actually work at a Nuclear and Particle Physics Laboratory where I have noticed that engineers designing the experiments don't know what the experiments are testing, while the mechanics building the experimental parts don't know how they are going to come together.

    This often leads to parts missing screws or screws causing magnetic fields that fudge up the experiment.

    A few months ago we held a game night where each 'group' would make up questions for the other ones and the more questions they got right the more points they would have to cash in for favours. People had fun and at the end of the day they were more productive and made more informed decisions.

    Design and development is the same way. When I recently picked up Django and its MVC-ish model, I learned that my designs had to be structured a certain way to work with my markup/templates and that a lot of my designs informed my models and vice versa.

    Knowing how to code showed me what was possible and a bit of ignorance pushed me to test what was possible.

    I think a designer's ignorance of 'code' is acceptable as long as it pushes the developers to grow as developers , not to frustrate them.

    I mean, they should at least go through code academy.

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    Sounds good~ https://twitter.com/jxnlco

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    Be nice. Or else.

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