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Graeme Duckett

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  • Posted to What's your email signature look like?, Nov 21, 2017

    At one point I had to research the intricacies of this very topic (because don't ask).

    I can echo simple is best. Two dashes and a space (the standard delimiter) followed by your name on the next line.

    I don't even talk to people with images in their signatures.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you save and manage bookmarks and online resources?, in reply to Wyatt Campiz , Jul 14, 2017

    Ya, I hear you. I just hate coming across a site and thinking to myself "This seems like it will be very useful at some point" and not being sure the best way to find it again when the time comes. I've started trying, mostly because Pocket looked too focused on the reading aspect.

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