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  • Posted to Alternatives to DN, Nov 19, 2017

    If people don’t notice how many of the comments here prove the OP’s point, then she’s right to leave. I’ve worked on big, high profile (and extremely toxic) community moderation tools and really adding stuff like downvotes or collapsed deleted comments are band aids. And unfortunately, everyone who leaves makes a place that much worse. But it’s hard to blame someone for wanting to jet.

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  • Posted to User Friendly? More Like Loser Friendly., in reply to Yasen Dimov , Dec 17, 2015

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a bad article but yeah it's not super strong; the difference between useful and usable is something Norman, Spool, and pretty much everyone else have tried to drive home for a while. Nothing as revolutionary as the post tries to make it out to be, and I really don't understand the hot-take-esque title... but I suppose it's good to have a reminder of the difference sometimes.

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  • Posted to How Sketch Went from Savior to Sketchy, Nov 16, 2015

    I use it every day, been Adobe free for almost a year and pretty happy about it. Not sure I can expand this experience into a hot take Medium post though.

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  • Posted to Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS, in reply to Cihad Turhan , Oct 27, 2015

    Really curious to hear about this as well — I use Kirby for my own site and I like it. This seems very similar but with some added benefits, like Twig.

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  • Posted to Unlock all Layers (keyboard shortcut) plugin for Sketch, Oct 19, 2015

    This is pretty cool. I normally do the right-click --> unlock thing, which isn't a huge hassle for a couple layers but with a bunch it's really annoying.

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  • Posted to Can a designer live an Adobe free life or will Comet be Creative Clouds saviour?, Oct 13, 2015

    I wish people would take a second to step outside of their normal zone and look at the whole landscape of design and graphics. There's a big world out there that includes a lot more than software or web design.

    I'm personally Adobe-free and have been for about 9 months, but I'm a UX designer and most of my work is done on paper, whiteboard, or wireframe. Currently all UI and marketing people at my work still use CC. So does everyone at my last job. So do all my other designer friends. And while Affinity is coming along nicely, their apps are not going to overturn Adobe's dominance in print design and photo work anytime soon. And what about After Effects? Premiere? Even InDesign lacks new upstart competition.

    Adobe has made some mistakes, and finally the small shop or freelancer with a tiny budget has options outside of their sphere, but they're not going anywhere in the near future.

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  • Posted to Why I think designers shouldn’t code, Oct 09, 2015

    "Designers shouldn't code. By the way, have you considered buying my product, which coincidentally lets designers build websites without coding?"

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  • Posted to Why I think designers shouldn’t code, in reply to Mike Mai , Oct 09, 2015

    Yeah in the rage over yet another hit in the ping-pong match of "designers should/shouldn't code," I think this thread missed that the author is basically pushing his agenda/product.

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  • Posted to Why should I care what color the bikeshed is?, Aug 04, 2015

    So true. People on this site know the problem well, don't we? every client, every stakeholder has held a pencil in their hand or come up with an idea for something. So they all have opinions on our bikeshed. I guess the atomic power plant here is programming. Or maybe advanced plumbing.

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  • Posted to Ello for iOS, Jun 19, 2015

    If people hadn't started rolling their eyes at Ello about five minutes after it launched, we'd all have a half decent, non-data-mining social network by now.

    Albeit one that took for freaking ever to have a mobile app.

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