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Tom Durkin

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  • Posted to Kitsune Studio, Nov 28, 2016

    nice job guys!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Landing page for my first jQuery plugin – simplebox.js, in reply to Ratik Sharma , Nov 10, 2015

    Still looks the same to me. I should have said - this is using Chrome on iOS. In safari it's working fine

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  • Posted to Show DN: Landing page for my first jQuery plugin – simplebox.js, Nov 09, 2015

    Hey man. Nice job getting a plugin out there. A light box was something I was thinking of doing as my first!

    Some feedback - I just opened this on my iPhone 6 and it seems a bit buggy.

    The lightbox doesn't fill 100% of the height of the screen and you can still scroll through content underneath. Just a helpful suggestion anyway. If you need any help with testing let me know!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Which DSLR to Buy?, Jul 15, 2015

    Easiest way to do it in my opinion - decide how much you want to spend first. Then you will be able to narrow it down to a few models and start researching them.

    I ended up going with Nikon over a canon in the same price range purely because I preferred the interface in the viewfinder. there wasn't much difference apart from that.

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  • Posted to London freelancers, Jun 19, 2015

    Hoping to be in London starting Jan so will be very interested in meet-up events as well.

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  • Posted to Why is the "hero" image called like this?, Apr 07, 2015

    For some reason I've resorted to calling this area the 'masthead'. Think it might be a newspaper thing.

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  • Posted to rem or em?, in reply to Quoc Nguyen , Apr 07, 2015

    This is what I've started doing; a reset so 1rem = 10px.

    Need to have a bit more of a play around but I've been using rems for pretty much everything including padding, margins etc. (padding: 2rem ; = 20px) Not sure if this is the best practice but when looking in the 'computed' styles using Chrome inspector everything works as expected.

    Someone call me out if this is wrong - Most people seem to refer to rems and ems in a font capacity and not margins and padding so I'm not fully convinced I'm doing it right...

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  • Posted to Web design baddassery, Mar 31, 2015

    Someone needs to get this on awwwards!

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  • Posted to Improve your PSD layer names with emojis, in reply to Caleb Sylvest , Mar 26, 2015

    Same here. I put everything in groups of how they would be built front-end and colour-code them to help scanning layers easier.

    A combination of colours and icons could be cool though.

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  • Posted to Do you have to quit your job to get a big raise?, Mar 25, 2015

    Getting another offer on the table and using it as leverage is something I've seen other people use successfully in the past.

    I have also had others tell me the way to get a pay rise is to move thought.

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