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  • Posted to Jekyll turns 2.0.0, May 07, 2014

    Thanks for posting this, Manik!

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  • Posted to A Typographic Approach to Email, in reply to Brian A. , Mar 07, 2014

    Yes, lynx does this quite well. I can read html emails in plain text with the help of this tool and it's the best!

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stripe Checkout, Mar 06, 2014

    Site looks very similar to Ratchet's. And the product design itself needs a lot of work. I used it the other day via Instapaper and it was a poor experience overall:

    1. I had no idea who I was giving my credit card to, because the design didn't look the same as Instapaper's. I had to look at the source code to see that the JavaScript was pointing to Stripe. As a consumer who cares about his security, I was turned off initially because I had no idea who I was giving my CC info to.
    2. There was no evidence that my submission was sent over a secure connection. Without SSL, my credit card information would be traveling all around the country without any protection. This is a serious problem.

    The site is pretty, but it leaves me highly skeptical.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: The tech behind your portfolio?, in reply to Tiago Duarte , Mar 05, 2014

    The idea behind Jekyll & GitHub Pages is that there's nothing dynamic – no PHP or database. Your files are used by Jekyll to create pure HTML/CSS/JS – nothing dynamic on the server side. You gain so much, including incredible speed. I would highly, highly recommend GHP. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions -- just mention me on GitHub: @parkr.

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  • Posted to MobileDN 1.2 update – Full DN integration for iOS, in reply to Xavier Haniquaut , Mar 05, 2014

    This was something I thought about too. It would be great to preserve the "spectator" views if possible.

    That said, it may be a huge challenge programmatically so pragmatically speaking, for a proof-of-concept, 1.2 is exceptional.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Changing Domains?, Mar 05, 2014

    Hey Tyler. I recently ran into this the other day myself. I chose to go with 301 Moved Permanently, and I think you should too because your domain has moved from .org to .io, permanently.

    What the 301 will do is tell Google to remove from the search results and replace it with its .io counterpart. If you setup your redirects such that any url goes to the .io version of that URL, you should see results for your site moved from .org to .io. 302 Temporarily Moved is technically incorrect for this situation and therefore misleading to the search engine. They may penalize you for persistent 302's, but I can't be sure about that.

    You could try a JavaScript redirect, which may avoid the 301, but it's hacky and Google won't pick up on it. To them, will just be a blank page with some JS magic.

    Lots of great literature about this on the web. Jon Hochman has a great write-up, Moz has a superb guide, and, of course, Google has written about this as well.

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  • Posted to MobileDN 1.2 update – Full DN integration for iOS, Mar 04, 2014

    Fantastic work! This post being written from MobileDN, you can likely tell I am a happy guy. Two questions though:

    1. Can I donate money to you for the app? Feels like cheating to get such a sweet app for free!
    2. Where do we submit bug reports? :)
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  • Posted to Ask DN: The tech behind your portfolio?, Mar 04, 2014

    I use Jekyll & Sass. I was using PHPMultiMarkdown with markdown files being included and transformed at every page load, but it's a static site so it made the most sense to just compile the HTML & CSS ahead of time for maximum performance. I compile the Scss ahead of time and Jekyll takes care of the rest. On a Rackspace box with Nginx right now but likely moving to GitHub Pages sometime soon.

    Mig Reyes ( inspired me to try this approach and I love it!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What do you want in a Designer News iOS app?, Mar 03, 2014

    Great idea, Sam! I tend to agree with EJ – an easy way to see the top stories, the stories I have taken part in (via comments), and a clever way to upvote something would be killer. Key for me is to ensure that as much of the screen is content as is possible, and that I don't have to leave the app in order to share to Twitter/Instapaper or view the web page.

    It would also be awesome to see a way to favourite stories so I can keep a short list of my favourites so I can go back to them later on. Instapaper support would satisfy this for me for the most part, but it'd be nice to have a common listing of my favourites that I can show friends when they ask about what DN is and why I like it.

    Really excited to see what you come up with!

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