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  • Posted to Interesting portfolio concept by Benjamin Issenmann, Aug 23, 2018

    I'm sure it works great with a magic mouse but with my scroll wheel it just skips too many lines and won't hover each project.

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  • Posted to Does anyone still use RSS readers? Looking for feedback!, Aug 02, 2018

    I actually don't know what I'd do without RSS. I've been using Inoreader for the past year and I love it—it's exactly what I was looking for since the death of Reader (thanks Google!).

    Right now I have almost 500 subscriptions. Inoreader allows me to filter stuff I don't want, auto-tag, create custom feed for websites that don't have RSS, get notifications, etc.

    I also use it to manage my YouTube subscriptions. I divided them into folders (like we could do with the old YT... thanks again Google!) so I have categories like "YouTube | Design".

    It's not the most beautiful app but it's the definitely the most powerful RSS reader I've found.

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  • Posted to Why You Shouldn't Design Wireframes in Sketch, in reply to Steve Schoeffel , Jun 15, 2018

    As someone who didn't really know Whimsical it felt weird but now that I played around with the tool, I get it. I still prefer the article you linked though.

    I personally don't think it's a replacement for Sketch but I could definitely see myself use it during workshops and ideation, especially with the addition of sticky notes and mindmaps. I see what you are going for and I like it so I'll keep a close eye on your development!

    The space of design tools is a though and crowded one nowadays. I wish you guys all the best and hope to see Whimsical grow in the years to come!

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  • Posted to Why You Shouldn't Design Wireframes in Sketch, Jun 14, 2018

    I expected a full-length article with thoughtful opinions. I left extremely disappointed.

    It's like when Samsung takes a stab at Apple in their ads: it looks desperate. If you have to resort to bashing on your competition just to try and sell your product, you failed.

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  • Posted to Invision Studio Download today (click request access) , May 10, 2018

    Hopefully it's better than the DSM which is so buggy it's laughably bad, but I doubt it.

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  • Posted to Sketch 50, in reply to Jan Toman , May 09, 2018


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  • Posted to Meet Hadron. A tool that makes design with code easy and visual, May 09, 2018

    This awesome. Can't wait to start playing with it!

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  • Posted to Designers, what does trouble you in your journey of designing real-life projects? , in reply to Jonathan Shariat , Mar 07, 2018

    This is my biggest issue currently. It gets so complicated very quickly. I'm working on a project right now where there's a UX (me), a copywriter and a UI designer. We're on a tight schedule so we're all working in parallel and sometimes on the same pages. The amount of Sketch files and PNG that we send through Slack each day is ridiculous.

    I still haven't found a productive way to collaborate. We spend so much time going back and forth interrupting each other that it even gets hard to just concentrate and do the work. I started to use Figma for my personal projects and I'm slowly drifting away from Sketch. I think I could probably make this work with Figma since we'd all be working on the same file in real time. Maybe having a "Copy" artboard for the copywriter next to the "Design" one could work. It would also be easier to see what changed since they'd be right next to each other. But it involves switching the whole team to Figma, which is no easy task...

    I think InVision Studio aims to fix some of those issues but I just can't see myself switching my whole workflow there. We use it for clients and presentations but I've had so many issues that I don't think I can trust it anymore.

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  • Posted to How to get an Awwward, in reply to Perttu Lähteenlahti , Jan 05, 2018

    I think it was supposed to lead to this website, which is a blatant copy of the one posted by Wassim.

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