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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Ben S. , Dec 02, 2015

    Definitely, I'll do that!

    Ah, so Safecracker-equivilant type stuff, you mean? As opposed to customising the actual Control Panel?

    Both options would be nice :). I don't expect them to roll out a safe cracker solution anytime soon, as their backend is very nice, but some people just want that option. For instance, I have no clue on how to run a community with craft(which I guess it isn't really the purpose in the mind of craft, but it'd be nice).

    This comment seems to be popping up a bit as of late. While obviously not an option for everyone, upgrading to PHP7 makes a world of difference. Rockin' the {% cache %} tag as much as possible helps a lot too. Craft 3 will be crazy fast, but that won't be released for a while.

    That's good to hear. I use the cache on a few sites, and I have really had to preach the importance of efficient HTML to the team, but yeah, it can be sluggish on requests over 40(It was a really weird project). I am now excited for craft

    I haven't gotten me mitts on EE3 yet. I've been on craft projects since pretty much last year. Working on a revisit of an EE project now, but it's still EE2.x

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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Ben S. , Dec 01, 2015

    Sure. It's mostly user system and backend customization. The user system is annoying. SOOOOOO many options, which is good, but some defaults would be great. The backend customization is non-existent. Sometimes, you want to tidy up a control panel for a client, and while craft is OODLES better than out of the box ExpressionEngine, ExpressionEngine's Safecracker is amazing. In the end, I guess customization is really the only part limiting.

    Other than that, craft is sort of slow and the database is generally much bigger.

    All that said, Craft is dope and I love working with it! I use it on my personal site(, although I am switching over to a custom node solution through no fault of craft), we use it at my job, so I have been working with craft a lot. Structure format is amazing. I love that Gmail email protocol out of the box with little work from me(outside adding my login). Matrix is, of course, a game changer, like it's always have been. Support is always delightful and helpful. Also, shout out to the super table and formerly plugins!

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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Zach Reed , Dec 01, 2015

    Oh hey! I remember you from emptees!

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  • Posted to Craft CMS, in reply to Philip Lester , Dec 01, 2015

    Where I work, we split between Craft and ExpressionEngine. We've built 3-4 sites since last year on craft alone. I like Craft, but it's SO limiting. I always give the excuse that "it's new", "the community is working on making craft more powerful", "devs will open it up to more option", but it leaves a lot to be desired over Expression Engine.

    I haven't looked into Craft Commerce a lot, but it seems like to much of a hassle to get everyone on board with a $700 storefront that we can't customize the backend of.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you use a CMS when making a website for a client?, in reply to Adam Ehrheart , Jul 18, 2015

    Craft is so lovely. It's my CMS of choice. When I need something a bit more powerful, I still opt of ExpressionEngine, but it seem that gap is closing.

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to Christopher James , Jul 12, 2015

    In a time where automoderator is built into reddit and default configs are posted by the plenty, failure to prevent witch hunts is either willful negligence or direct malice. Before the ban, I can guarantee you the admins messaged them on multiple occasions. I know this to be true because the sub I moderate always get admin messages when we're doing something detrimental(often times, crashing reddit every sunday between September and February).

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to Christopher James , Jul 12, 2015

    Here are some examples in an article from Vox. You can search subs like SRD for a more indepth view.

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to Christopher James , Jul 12, 2015

    The problem with FPH is that they legitly harassed people and their mods actively encouraged it. This harassment included brigading people's twitter and youtube profiles, which is not only against reddit's own rules, but can be against the law in some areas. This is not really a problem with the subs you listed, despite their content being similar. Do notice that subs like fatpeoplelogic are still active, which does not witchhunt people.

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  • Posted to Meet Voat - People are calling it the Reddit-Killer, in reply to Daniel Fosco , Jul 12, 2015

    Let's not gloss over the sexualized minors and child porn being distrubuted on Voat.

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  • Posted to This Industry is Fucked - Jess Frazelle, in reply to John Leschinski , Jul 06, 2015

    The École Polytechnique massacre comes to mind, where a 25 year old man killed 14 female engineering students. Then, of course, there is Elliot Rodgers. I'm sure there are more, but those are the two off the top of my head.

    Regardless if these threats are valid or not, nobody should be receiving them and ignoring them doesn't seem to be a good solution, nor is it a very sympathetic response to Jess. Ms Frazelle should probably involve the authorities, but having them dig into her personal life is probably not an appealing prospect, either. I think how she is handling it right now is fairly good. Call them out, let them know you're not leaving, and inspire more to stay/join.

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