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  • Posted to Apple's new typeface is called San Francisco , in reply to Vilius Paulauskas , Nov 24, 2014

    I, someone who never logs in, logged in, having seen that you, never logging in, logged in, having seen that they, never logging in, logged in to upvote this, to upvote this. Having logged in, I upvoted this, them, and you. <3

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  • Posted to Designing Open Source, Feb 19, 2014

    "But that’s not this." I appreciated his distinction between spec work and open-source work. It's tough because programmers as a class would seem to be more privileged than designers (higher salaries, etc.). As someone in charge of open-source projects, I'm sensitive to coming across as begging for free work. My strategy is to try to level up my own design skills, making my projects an interesting place for a designer to be and contribute.

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