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  • Posted to Watch More Sunrises • My year-of-COVID personal project, Apr 13, 2021

    It's been a slow and arduous project during this last year, but finally getting this into the world

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  • Posted to The UX of a $13,000,000/year email newsletter, Jan 22, 2020

    Can I just get an article to read?

    Interested in the subject, but zero interest in consuming it in this format.

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  • Posted to Typeface ➕ color ➕ font size ➕ adjective = memorable password for a designer, Jan 09, 2020

    What about some non alphanumeric characters?

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  • Posted to When to decide your design career is over?, Jan 03, 2020

    What's an IC?

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  • Posted to Photographing every sunrise of 2019 (and making a website for it), in reply to Skyler Hughes , Jan 02, 2020

    Thanks Skyler!

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  • Posted to Photographing every sunrise of 2019 (and making a website for it), in reply to Ashraf Ali , Jan 02, 2020


    Love the long thoughtful response, thank you.

    1. Showing the framed photo was part sales pitch, it used to default to just the photo. But the other reason is that I want to give it some feeling of a tangible thing you can hold or that can be on a wall

    2) Absolutely possible to do some type of tap/hover interaction of all the data. There have been a few other options I've thought of but not really explored. I'm sure the site will continue to evolve.

    Love the additional feedback. My biggest struggle from the beginning was how to see the full calendar, then dive into a month, and then a single day, and navigating between. It may not be intuitive by clicking the months name brings you up to the month, and then year of the sunrise brings you back to the entire calendar.

    As of now, swipe interactions might be beyond my skillset, something I'd be happy to explore.

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  • Posted to Photographing every sunrise of 2019 (and making a website for it), Dec 31, 2019

    I first shared this project earlier this year.

    Since then, the website has evolved quite significantly. I tried to address several ways of displaying 365 photos, a calendar, meta data, location data, and various musings.

    Outside of the morning walks and the photo editing, this has been a significant design project. Beyond the website it was trying to figure out a template for photo prints that can display some amount of data to give a photo context. The design of a database, design of a badge to be embossed.

    So many tools to make this thing happen. - Adobe Creative Suite - My camera - Snowpants - Hugo - Netlify - IMGIX - Dark Sky API - Flickr - Algolia - Google Maps API - Snipcart - And an endless flow of coffee

    Would love to hear your thoughts on laying out this data. One of my goals was that I've always wanted to create a website with zero images other than the content itself.

    Beyond all design, I hope you catch more sunrises in 2020 than you did in 2019.

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  • Posted to 8 signs that you need a website redesign, Sep 10, 2019

    After all the "I" and "my" references, I am still looking for the page that says who Sumit is.

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  • Posted to New site design., in reply to Mike A. , Aug 29, 2019

    Exactly my thought, I poured over the site to see what one of these profiles look like. Then I tried the chat box to ask, but that required an email.

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  • Posted to Check out my illustration work for this medium article about going green and going paperless, any feedback?, Aug 20, 2019

    Thanks for sharing non "product" design work! These look great.

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