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  • Posted to Typeface - font management app, in reply to BAKA .kid , Jan 30, 2018

    thanks! I just downloaded it. Does upgrading add any more features other than grid and glyphs?

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  • Posted to How do you monitor all your social network channels?, Apr 11, 2017

    Many social media managers seem be geared towards giant organizations that can throw some money at this - they don't even list their price, everything is a custom setup and contact for more information (I hate that).

    For the smaller business/personal use, these are somewhat reasonably priced but might not have all the features that you need.

    Hootsuite $

    Sprout Social $$

    Send Social Media $$

    Social Pilot $

    Buffer for Business $$$

    There's a lot more out there with various capabilities and it can get overwhelming quick. Best way to figure out what works best for you is identify what you want to do (Post to networks? Monitor engagement? Monitor competitors? Identify influencers? Which networks are non-negotiable for you?) and find out which checks as many boxes as possible. You might still need multiple solutions, but at least one of these should help.

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  • Posted to New job, fresh Macbook, what are some must have installs?, Dec 20, 2016
    • ClipMenu works as a robust clipboard manager, but my favorite feature is the snippets. I save addresses/phone numbers I use frequently so I don't mistype them.

    • F.lux makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day

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  • Posted to What's your 'other' creative outlet?, Nov 30, 2016

    I sew. Mostly clothing for me, but also random things like a carboy cozy for my husband's home brew.

    I did some letterpress in college and someday, when I can afford a press, I'd like to do that as a side hobby/business.

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  • Posted to What is design?, in reply to John McLennan , Nov 16, 2016

    See also, Terry Crews

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  • Posted to Facebook introducing Marketplace: Buy and Sell with your local community, Oct 04, 2016

    Didn't they have something like this about 5-6 years ago? As I remember, it wasn't too visible, so people rarely used it.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How many hours a week do you work?, Sep 15, 2016

    8-5 (40hr/week, 1hr lunch)

    I'm an in-house graphic designer at the corporate office and while we have the occasional 4pm Fridays (my favorite!) and are flexible on an individual level for drs appts, etc 90% of the time someone is available during office hours. I think part of it is so we're available consistent hours for our various locations to contact us and part of it because we share an office with an accounting firm with these hours (In the summer, they have modified Friday hours and we do not. Then again, we don't work Saturdays during tax season.).

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  • Posted to A, Jul 28, 2016

    Wacom Tablet - never a mouse. Occasionally I'll use the tablet as a giant trackpad instead of picking up the pen again.

    I used my Powerbook trackpad exclusively my freshman year of college and was in ALL THE PAIN by the end of the year. I got a tablet and it haven't looked back.

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