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  • Posted to Ask DN: PSD to HTML being dead in a large agency? , Jan 15, 2014

    I see it as something that needs to be shown off. Sometimes you can explain an idea, but sometimes you just have to tell someone to shut up, sit down, and listen. Maybe not in those exact words, but you get the idea.

    I've noticed that I do a lot of talking, so much talking in fact that I'll talk myself out of ideas that I never even gave a chance to see the light of day. Of course you might throw an idea out that is totally crap and not pull on that thread, but what I'm talking about is if someone inside an organization believes they have a method that works better, they should get a chance to show how. If it doesn't fit, bag it.

    Every organization has to find out how the individuals work best and how those individuals can combine to create the super awesome MEGAZORD.

    I'm at a place where I tell people how I work, find out how they work, and say lets find out how we can work best together. If it doesn't work we walk away.

    That being said I know a lot of people are in positions where they aren't the ones making the decision about who the client is. I think I've been pretty fortunate to work with people who would all give me the opportunity to express my thoughts, concerns, ideas, messes, etc. If your company doesn't I would say it's taken on more of the factory role and that's up to you whether that's what you really want to do or not.

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